Mary Russell

F, #10945, (circa 1634 - 15 September 1680)
Father*Dea. John/1 Russell1 d. 1 Jun 1676
Mother*Elizabeth (–?–)1 b. s 1614, d. 16 Dec 1644
Appears on charts:Descendants of Henry/1w Brooks
Descendants of Timothy/2w Brooks
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Children with Capt. Timothy/2w Brooks:

Mary Russell, of Woburn, Massachusetts, was left 5 shillings in the will of Lambart Sutton of Woburn, dated 8 Nov 1649.2 There she married, as his 1st wife, 2 Dec 1659, Capt. Timothy/2w Brooks, son of Henry/1w Brooks and (–?–) (–?–).3,4,5 They lived first at Woburn, where the births of their first 6 children were recorded through 1669. They removed ca 1670 to Billerica, where she died 15 Sep 1680.6 He married (2), Mehitabel/2 Mowry, and removed first to Swansea, Massachusetts, and then Cohansey, West Jersey.7,8

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Obadiah Bowen made an advance of £2-17-8 to the government during Philip's War to sustain the war effort.2

Obadiah/2 Bowen

M, #10947, (3 January 1627 - 10 September 1710)
Father*Richard/1 Bowen1 b. s 1590, d. Feb 1674/75
Last Edited:17 May 2018

Children with Mary Clifton:

Obadiah/2 Bowen, born 3 Jan 1627 in Swansea, Wales1, came to Massachusetts, and there married, 1647, Mary Clifton, daughter of Thomas Clifton.1 He made an advance of £2-17-8 to the government during Philip's War to sustain the war effort.2 He and his son Obadiah Jr. were non-resident proprietors in a list of townspeople of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, 7 Feb 1689.3 Obadiah's wife Mary died in 1697.4
     Obadiah Bowen, yeoman, of Swansea, Massachusetts, "being Grown Ancient," made his will 11 Dec 1708, proved 14 Oct 1710. It mentions no wife, but son Samuel Bowen of Cohansey; grandsons Aaron Bowen, Daniel Bowen and Nathan Bowen, sons of my son Obadiah Bowen dct; son Joseph Bowen; James Bowen and Hezekiah Bowen (relationship not stated) get land recorded to William Bowen; daughter Hannah Brooks; daughter Lidia Mason (relationship not stated); granddaughters Katherine Bowen, Sarah Bowen, Allice Bowen and Elizebeth Bowen; son Thomas Bowen, executor. Mentions his lands in Attleborough, Rehoboth & Swansea. Witnesses: Caleb Eddy, John Paddock and John Devotion.5
     Obadiah died 10 Sep 1710, a. 83.1 12 May 1712, executor Thomas Bowen reports payment of legacies to Isaac Ayars for Samuel Bowen of Cohanse; to John Brooks for Timothy Brooks and Hannah his wife; to Joseph and Lidia Mason; to Allice, wife of Jacob Chase; to Joseph Bowen; to James and Hezekiah Bowen; to Daniel and Aron Bowen; to Mary Bowen alias Bush; to Abigail Bowen for use of her daughter Sarah Bowen; to Ephraim Smith for use by his wife Mary.6

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