Isaac/2 Ayars1

M, #11050, (circa 1673 - 1761)
Father*Robert/1 Ayars2,3 b. b Mar 1640, d. 14 Jan 1719 or 24 Jan 1719
Mother*Katharine Taylor2,3 b. c 1642, d. 22 Feb 1684/85
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Children with Hannah Barrett:

  • Caleb/3 Ayars+1 b. 5 Nov 1697, d. 7 Aug 1771
  • Abigail/3 Ayars9 b. circa 1700, d. 1 Jan 1765
  • Esther/3 Ayars b. circa 1711, d. after 5 Jul 1775
  • Anna/3 Ayars9 b. 9 Nov 1713, d. 20 Sep 1783, memorial #84120187. Photo by Our Family History.
Isaac/2 Ayars, born circa 1673 in Rhode Island (perhaps at Newport)4, went with his father to Cohansey, West Jersey, and married Hannah Barrett.1
     12 May 1712, Thomas Bowen of Swansea, Massachusetts, executor of the estate of Obadiah/2 Bowen of Swansea, reported payment of a legacy to Isaac Ayars for Samuel Bowen of Cohanse.5 Isaac was a witness, 25 Feb 1716, to the will of his father Robert/1 Ayars.6
     His wife Hannah died at Cohansey 17267, and he in 1761.3 They are buried in Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery, Shiloh.8

The act of the church in Westerly in receiving Mr. [William] Davis into its fellowship [14 September 1711], was followed by a serious controversy with Elder Gibson of the Newport church, Jonathan Davis, and the brethren in Pennsylvania. Joseph Crandall, also, then a member in Westerly, refused to commune with the church on the same account. Yet the church maintained its position in defense of Mr. Davis, and encouraged him in the exercise of the ministry, and informed those brethren in answer to their allegations, dated October 5th, 1712, and sent by the hands of Isaac Ayars, 'that what they had written, formerly or latterly, or what they should write in the future, would not be noticed for the purpose of passing judgment upon them, unless they should produce the evidence according to the Scripture rule, or unless the truth of such allegations should appear from William Davis' own hand, or from his own mouth.'

     — Seventh Day Baptist Memorial, II:2 (New York: Seventh Day Baptist Publishing Society, 1852), pp. 103, 104.3

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