Caleb/3 Ayars

M, #11051, (5 November 1697 - 7 August 1771)
Father*Isaac/2 Ayars1 b. c 1673, d. 1761
Mother*Hannah Barrett1 b. c 1678, d. 1726
Appears on charts:Descendants of Robert/1 Ayars
Descendants of Henry/1w Brooks
Descendants of Timothy/2w Brooks
Descendants of Rev. Timothy/3w Brooks Jr.
Descendants of Patience/4w Brooks
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Children with Patience/4w Brooks:

Caleb/3 Ayars, born 5 Nov 1697 in what is now Cumberland County, New Jersey.1 He married, 29 Mar 1717 at Shiloh, New Jersey, the Reverend's daughter Patience/4w Brooks, with whom he had 10 children.2,3,4,5
By the spring of 1737, it was decided among the Sabbatarian brethren to constitute themselves into a Gospel church. On March 27th, 1737, these did form themselves into the Shiloh church: Elijah Bowen and Deborah, his wife; John Jarman, Caleb Barrett and Abigail Barrett; Hugh Dunn and Amy Dunn, Rev. J. Davis, Esther Davis, Caleb Ayars, Jr., Joseph Swinney, Anna Swinney, Deborah Swinney, Samuel Davis, Anna Davis and Jean Phillips. In all, sixteen. … In 1771, a new brick house of worship was built, which was in use for about eighty years and was then transformed into an academy.6
Patience died after 17397, and Caleb in 7 Aug 1771 at Stow Creek, New Jersey.5

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