George/1 Wheeler

M, #11860, (between 1600 and 1610 - 2 June 1687)
Father-CandidateThomas/a Wheeler 2d b. c 1571
Mother-CandidateDorothy Holloway
Last Edited:24 Mar 2018

Children with Katherine Pin:

Signature of Georg wheler, dated 22 Aug 1653.
George/1 Wheeler was born between 1600 and 1610 at Cranfield, Bedfordshire1, where he married, 8 Jun 1630, Katherine Pin.2 They emigrated to New England, perhaps in company with his Cranfield cousins Timothy, Joseph and Ephraim Wheeler, who went to Massachusetts about 1639. He was "among the first settlers" at Concord, Massachusetts, Shattuck says. Tolman adds, "He appears to have been a person of some influence, and his name appears quite often on town records."3 Admitted freeman 2 Jun 16414, he signed a Concord petition to the General Court for tax relief, 14 May 1645.5
     One of three persons, with Simon Willard and Thomas Brooks, who returned, 16 Nov 1646, the inventory of Thomas Atkinson of Concord.6 22 Aug 1653, Georg wheler was one of a number of Concord signatories to an agreement to contribute an aggregate of £5 yearly to "the colledge at Cambridge," later Harvard College, for a term of seven years.7 Named as a creditor in the 1653 inventory of Thomas Flint of Concord.8 One of a number of men allowed to buy, 2 Jan 1654, 20 acres at Concord at 12d per acre, "That some particular persons shall have some inlargement, whoe are short in lands…."9 Tolman says, "…in conjunction with Capt. Timothy Wheeler…he owned a large amount of land in the center of the town. He also had land near the 'frog-ponds' and at Walden Pond, and at Nut Meadow Brook."3 1666 tax lists indicate his taxes were abated on 24 lots, comprising 434 acres.10 One of three men, with Dea. Robert Merriam and Dea. Luke Potter, who returned the inventory of Thomas Brooks of Concord, 1667.11,12
     His wife died at Concord 2 Jan 1684/85.13 "His death is not recorded," says Tolman, "but his will was dated 28 Jan 1684/5 and presented for probate 2 Jun 1687 [Suffolk Prob. Reg. Vol. X. fol. 1]. His sons Thomas and John were named executors, but the former had died between the above dates and John was named sole executor. The will names 'the children of my son William deceased,' sons Thomas and John, daughters Elizabeth Fletcher, Sarah Dudley, Ruth Hartwell and Hannah Fletcher, and the 'children of my daughter Fox.3'"
     "His house lot of 11 acres was at the (present) corner of Main and Walden Sts.…," says Tolman.3 Shattuck wrote in 1835 that "Children of the eighth generation, including the first George, now live on the spot where their first ancestor settled."14

Local Notes:

Appointed7 Jan 1654, Concord, MAOverseer, South Quarter15
Elected1660, Concord, MA"He was selectman in 1660."3
AppointedJan 1663, Concord, MACommittee to divide South Quarter16

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