Katherine Pin

F, #11861, (say 1610 - 2 January 1684/85)
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Children with George/1 Wheeler:

Katherine Pin was born in England. "At Cranfield the name Pin is also spelled Ping and Pyng; at Holcote, Ping; at Kempston there were Penns but no Pins; the surname may be a variant of Penn." She married, 8 Jun 1630 at Cranfield, Bedfordshire, George/1 Wheeler.1 They emigrated to New England, perhaps in company with his Cranfield cousins Timothy, Joseph and Ephraim Wheeler, who went to Massachusetts about 1639. She died 2 Jan 1684/85 at Concord, Massachusetts.2

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John/2 Wheeler

M, #11862, (19 January 1643 - 27 September 1713)
Father*George/1 Wheeler1 b. btw 1600 - 1610, d. 2 Jun 1687
Mother*Katherine Pin1 b. s 1610, d. 2 Jan 1684/85
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Children with Sarah Larkin:

John/2 Wheeler, called "John Wheeler Senr." in town records, was born 19 Jan 1643 at Concord, Massachusetts1, where he married, 25 Mar 1663, Sarah Larkin.2 Resident of Concord's South Quarter, 1666, where his taxes were abated on one lot of 67 acres.3 His father George's will, 28 Jan 1684/85, named John and his brother Thomas executors, but Thomas had died in the interim and John was appointed sole executor.4 John Wheeler died at Concord 27 Sep 1713, a. 705, and his widow 12 Aug 1725.6

Local Notes:

Property15 Mar 1693/94, Concord, MA"John Wheeler Senior of Concord, son and apparent heir to George Wheeler late of said Concord dec'd quitclaims to William, John and George Wheeler, all his right title and interest in certain lands in the south part of Concord 'that were in the possession of their father William Wheeler deceased.7'"
Property21 Oct 1719"On 21 Oct 1719 an agreement for the settlement of his estate is made by his widow Sarah, and his children, Samuel, Edward and Ebenezer, on their own accounts, and Wm Woodbury, John Meriam, Timothy Wheeler, Sam'l Prescott and Jonas Prescott on behalf of their wives…"8

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