Thomas/a Wheeler

M, #12143, (circa 1560 - )
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Children with (–?–) (–?–):

  • Thomas/1 Wheeler+3 b. say 1588, d. 23 Aug 1654
  • John Wheeler4 b. say 1590
  • Priscilla Wheeler4 b. say 1593
  • Ann Wheeler4 b. say 1595
  • Deborah Wheeler4 b. say 1598

Children with Rebecca (–?–):

  • Elizabeth/1 Wheeler4 b. 18 Jul 1602
  • Capt. Timothy/1 Wheeler+4 b. 28 Dec 1604, d. 30 Jul 1687
  • Susanna/1 Wheeler4 b. 31 May 1607, d. 24 Mar 1648/49
  • Lt. Joseph/1 Wheeler+4 b. 18 Feb 1609/10, d. after 1688
  • Abiah Wheeler4 b. 17 Jan 1612/13
  • Mary/1 Wheeler4 b. 20 Oct 1615
  • Ephraim/1 Wheeler4 b. 16 Mar 1618/19, d. 1670
  • Capt. Thomas/1 Wheeler4 b. 8 Dec 1621, d. 10 Dec 1676
Thomas/a Wheeler Jr., born circa 1560 at Bourne End, Cranfield, Bedfordshire1, married (1), before 1588, (–?–) (–?–), with whom he had at least 3 and perhaps as many as 5 children at Cranfield.2 He married (2), by Jul 1602, Rebecca (–?–), with whom he had 8 children.2 "At the baptism of his daughter Elizabeth in 1602, Thomas was 'of Warley,' or Wharley End. By 1615 he was 'of Borneend' and his eldest son Thomas became 'of Warley.3'" His will, made 7 December 1627, was proved 24 February 1634/5.3
     History of the Wheeler Family in America incorrectly states that George/1, Thomas/1 and Timothy/1 Wheeler were brothers, making Thomas/a the father of all.

Local Notes:

Property1623, Cranfield, Beds"In the survey of 1623, as Thomas Wheeler, Senior, he had over 29 acres, seven and one quarter being the 'Scite of his house with the Ley Close adjoyning'; two and a half acres of 'Grove Close;' over four and three quarters of 'The Brache;' and fourteen and a quarter acres, 'Tadd Croft and Tyn Meade.' In addition, Thomas Wheeler held land from the Manor of Redlands, a four and three quarters acre pasture. In [his] will, Thomas Wheeler bequeathed an item from the parlour at 'Borne end house'. Bourne End House, nearby to Washingley Manor House and Hill Green Farm, was depicted in the 1765 Jeffrey's map of Bedfordshire as a mansion house, the most impressive building at Bourne End. It later belonged to the Baker and Coleman families."1

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