Dea. Jonathan/2 Burt

M, #1330, (23 January 1624/25 - 19 October 1715)
Father*Henry/1 Burt1 b. c 1595, d. 30 Apr 1662
Mother*Ulalia/1 Marche1 b. c 1600, d. 29 Aug 1690
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Children with Elizabeth/2 Lobdell:

Dea. Jonathan/2 Burt was baptised 23 Jan 1624/25 at Harberton, Devonshire, and emigrated with his parents to New England1, where they settled at Springfield, Massachusetts,in 1640
     There he took the oath of fidelity 6 Feb 1648/49.2 With his sister Abigail, he was a witness in the witchcraft proceedings against Hugh/1 Parsons at Springfield, 1649-51. "Jonathan Burt's testimony was regarding the place and time when he brought Parsons the news of his son's death. In the ridiculous and senseless testimony in the case, the clear and unimpeachable testimony of Jonathan and his sister Abigail Munn, contrasts brightly with the statements of some of the other witnesses. They do not appear to be affected by the prevalent delusion, but confined themselves to facts."3
     Jonathan married (1), 20 Oct 1651 at Boston, Elizabeth/2 Lobdell, probably daughter of Isaac/1 Lobdell and Martha Ward, of Hull, Massachusetts, with whom he had 7 children.1,4 Took the freeman's oath of allegiance, 26 Feb 1661/62.5 He inherited the homestead of his father, originally acquired from Hugh Parsons, "where Broad street now is."6 Testified, with Lt. Thomas/1 Cooper, 29 Sep 1662, regarding the intentions of his deceased father Henry/1 Burt, who died intestate 29 Sep 1662.7 With his brother Nathaniel fined 6d for nonattendance at a town meeting 11 Apr 1665.8 2 Feb 1668/69, signed a petition with brother Nathaniel protesting the imposition by England of customs upon goods being exported into and from Massachusetts Colony.9 One of 16 petitioners for the establishment of a plantation at Stony River, now Suffield, Connecticut, presented to the General Court of Massachusetts Bay, May 1670, and granted the following year. "Not one of the petitioners became a settler, but many of them labored faithfully for more than ten years to fill the complement of settlers, as required by the Grant."10 "Made the only account found in the Town Records of the burning of Springfield by the Indians in 1675."11 20 Oct 1686, Deacon Jonathan Burt was plaintiff against Thomas/2 Merrick Jr. For saying of Deacon Burth that he lyed basely and was a Lying man: to the damage of 40s in defaming his the said Burt's name: Thomas Merick appearing said he was sorry for the words acknowledges they were grose Rash foolish & sinfull and: desyred Deacon Burt to Pass them By who replyed he did not desire his Money But his owning his disorder and Ill speaking and now doeing it he did freely forgive him: He paying Costs viz 18d Mony and so Issued this matter.5
     Jonathan's wife Elizabeth died at Springfield 11 Nov 1684.1,12 He married (2), 14/15 Dec 1686, Deliverance Langton, daughter of George Langton, of Wethersfield, and widow of Dea. Thomas/1 Hanchet of Suffield.13,14
     Jonathan Burt was a juror 27 Mar 1660, 24 Sep 1661, and 19 May 1688.5 Executor, with his brother Nathaniel, of his mother's will, dated 27 May 1684, which left him the whole lot my husband bought of George Lancton and my best brafse kettle to bestow upon his fon Henry … Also I give my son Jonathan the Pillow and Pillow-beer at his houfe.15 List of Springfield freemen, 13 May 1691.5 In May, 1696, Dea. Burt and Lieut. Abel Wright were chosen to answer a petition of the people on the west side of the river asking to become a separate parish and to procure a minister of their own.16 He died at Springfield 19 Oct 1715, a. 90.17,1,18 His widow Deliverance died at Suffield 10 Jun 1718.19
     A facsimile of his signature follows the title page in Life and Times of Henry Burt; also see pp. 115 et seq.20

Local Notes:

Elected1659, Springfield, MASelectman with Ens. Benjamin/1 Cooley and three others, 1659, and 14 other years through 1691.21,22
Elected30 Sep 1662, Springfield, MATheir being presented into this Corte by Ensigne Cooper the Names of Severall persons who were by the trayned band of Springfeild chosen to severall places and Offices in the said Company, together with the desire of the said Company that this Corte would confirme the said persons in such Places and offices to which they were chosen:

The Corte taking into consideration the desires of the Trayned Band of Springfeild thought fitt to confirm and ratify the choyce of the Souldery There: And therefore Doe accordingly declare That Samuell Marshfeild is and shalbe the Clark of the Trayned Band at Springfeild: And that Thomas Stebbins is and shalbe their Eldest Serjeant: And Miles Morgan their Second Serjeant: And that Jonathan Burt is and shalbe their first Corporall: Benjamin Parsons the Second Corporall: Rice Bedortha the third Corporall: and John Dumbleton the fourth Corporall:23
Elected14 Mar 1678/79, Springfield, MAJonathan Burt was appointed to carry the sealed up votes of the Freemen to the shire Meeting on the last Wednesday in March.5
Elected5 Feb 1683, Springfield, MASelectman24
Electedbefore 1715, Springfield, MA"After the death of the older settlers of Springfield, he became prominent in town affairs succeeding his father in several offices. He was a Deacon in the church, a Selectman, and was Town Clerk as late as 1700."11

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