Thomas/1 Noble

M, #17534, (say 1632 - 20 January 1703/4)
Father*Thomas/a Noble1 b. s 1600
Mother*Rachel Gardner1 b. 1608
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Children with Hannah/2 Warriner:

  • John/2 Noble6 b. 6 Mar 1661/62
  • Hannah/2 Noble7 b. 24 Feb 1663
  • Dea. Thomas/2 Noble8 b. 14 Jan 1665, d. 29 Jul 1750
  • Matthew/2 Noble+9 b. circa 1668
  • Mark/2 Noble+10 b. say 1669, d. 16 Apr 1741
  • Elizabeth/2 Noble11 b. 9 Feb 1672/73, d. 10 Aug 1741
  • Luke/2 Noble+12 b. 15 Jul 1675, d. 21 Mar 1743/44
  • James/2 Noble13 b. 1 Oct 1677 or 2 Oct 1677, d. 22 Apr 1712
  • Mary/2 Noble+14 b. 29 Jun 1680
  • Rebecca/2 Noble15 b. 4 Jan 1682
Thomas/1 Noble Jr., born in England, married, as her 1st husband, 1660 at Springfield, Massachusetts, Hannah/2 Warriner of Springfield, daughter of William/1 Warriner and Joanna Searle, with whom he had 10 children.2 He settled at Westfield, where he died 20 Jan 1703/4.3 His widow married Dea. Medad/2 Pomeroy1, and died 12 May 1721, a. 77.1
     He named four of his sons after the four Gospels of the New Testament.

Local Notes:

PropertyJul 1666, Westfield, MAIn July 1666 the first [Westfield] allotment was made to eighteen men, provided they came to dwell in their own persons the last of next May (1667) and continued for five years, "to use their endeavers for settling an able Minister and promoting the place for a comfortable town." … Those that did not comply with the conditions were to forfeit their grants, except Samuel Marshfield and William Brookes who had liberty to sell their part. There was also "granted to Samuel Marshfield of Windsor thirty acres of land on condition he release the Indian Chief now in his Custody, to which land he hath relinquished all pretended right by Purchase from the Indians."
     These lots were eighty rods long. In 1667 the homelots were laid out to be fourteen and a half rods wide; George Phelps, "first near the Indian fort," six acres, Major Holyoke second, Isaac Phelps third and beyond the gutter, southe of Isaac Phelps, a way eight rods wide was allowed to lead into the road. Next was Samuel Marshfield, six acres, twelve rods wide; Hugh Dudley 5 acres, 9 rods wide, John Ponder, Thomas Gun, David Ashley, John Root, Thomas Noble, all six acres and twelve rods broad. … There was to be a way two rods wide all along the meadow (now Meadow Street).4
Property20 Feb 1667, Springfield, MAAtt a Meeting of the Proprietors of ye ffeild over the great River in Chickuppe playne for settling what some belongs to every man for his land there, … William/1s Brooks and Thomas Noble were among the 17 Chicopee proprietors present.5

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