Richard/2 Norcross

M, #18370, (1621 - circa 1709)
Father*Jeremiah/1 Norcross1 d. Sep 1657
Mother*Adrean (–?–)1
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Descendants of Mary/2w Brooks
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Children with Mary/2w Brooks:

The autograph of Richard Norcross displays the fine hand of a 17th-century New England schoolmaster.
Richard/2 Norcross was born in 1621 in All Hallow Parish, London.2,3 He came with his father to New England, where he married (1), 24 Jun 1650 at Watertown, Massachusetts, Mary/2w Brooks, daughter of Henry/1w Brooks and (–?–) (–?–), with whom he had 7 children.4
     At Watertown, Bond tells us, he was "the first schoolmaster mentioned in town records, being chosen Jan. 11, 1650-1, and is said to have been the only one for 20 years, and was a teacher as late as Nov., 1687. He taught Latin, English, and writing, all the year for £30." Admitted freeman of Watertown 26 May 1652.5 Richard and Mary are mentioned in his father's will, 15 Sep 1654.6 Richard returned his father's inventory 16 Sep 1657, and his father's will the following day, and proved his father's inventory 5 Oct 1658.7
     His wife Mary died at Watertown 24 Feb 1671/728, and there he married (2), 18 Nov 1673, Susanna ?Barnard, widow of William Shattuck of Watertown9, who died at W. 11 Dec 1686.10 He married (3) Mary (–?–), who survived him.11 His will, dated 8 Apr 1708 and proved in Oct 1709, "mentions sons Richard, Samuel, Jeremiah, dr. Mary, 6 grandchil., the chil. of his daughter [Sarah] Child."11 His inventory, 14 Oct 1709, mentions widow Mary.12
     "By 1679 his contract with the town as schoolmaster was amended to keep school at the schoolhouse, the school year beginning 9 Apr 1679. He was to teach both Latin and English scholars, and once a week to teach them their catechism. May through July he was to teach only Latin scholars and writers, and to teach them at his own house. For this he was to receive £20 from the town." When townsmen complained of the shortened schedule, the town agreed to have school kept the whole year and to pay £5 more for the additional period.13
     "Between 1681 and 1693 Richard Norcross continued to receive yearly contracts as schoolmaster in Watertown but there were problems. In 1680 'the captain' was the schoolmaster. When Norcross was given the contract for the year beginning April 1681-2, the selectmen had to appoint Goodman Fledg to demand the key to the schoolhouse from the captain and deliver it to Mr. Norcross on 10 April 1681-2. The amount Norcross was to be paid continued to be subject to renegotiation each year. In 1683 he was to be paid £25 and to be paid in corn at the price the court set for payment off the county rate. Norcross was also to keep a record of the amount paid by scholars not living in Watertown and 'if the quanity of the pay be consedarabell in the selectmens account that then the town may have the benefit thear of.'."14
     In 1685 he was taxed £6.9.11 toward building a house for the minister.15 By Nov 1686 his annual pay had decreased to £20, to be paid by parents at the rate of 3 pence per week per child, the difference to be made up by the town.16
     "On the files of court for 1679 is the petition of Richard Norcross, for 20 years schoolmaster, that the privilege of exemption from training may be conferred on him, who is called [again] to the same employment, [then aged 58]. He was schoolmaster at least 49 years."12 In Jan 1694/5, Norcross sued the town for non-payment of what was owed him, and obtained judgment against the town at the Quarter Sessions held at Charlestown 13 Mar 1694-5. The town was obligated to pay him out of tax money £9.15, which it did 25 Mar 1695.17

Local Notes:

Electedbetween 1676 and 1680, Watertown, MABetween 1676 and 1678 Richard Norcross was one of the town constables. (I, 125).18

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