Susanna (–?–)

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Last Edited:21 Mar 2018

Child with Richard/2 Stratton:

  • Samuel/3 Stratton2 b. 8 Apr 1658

Children with Thomas/1 Dakin:

Susanna (–?–) married, by 1658, Richard/2 Stratton, son of Samuel/1 Stratton and (–?–) (–?–).1,2 He died 25 Jul 1658 at Watertown, Massachusetts, and she was administratrix of his estate.1,3 She married (2), as his 2nd wife, 11 Jun 1660 at Concord, Thomas/1 Dakin of Concord4, who died there 21 Oct 1708.5
     Thomas Dakin's will, dated 20 Jan 1697/98, left his wife my dwelling house from top to bottom one cow one swine seven bushell of corne 3 of Ry with my orchyarde this cow and swine to be keept by my son Joseph Dakin so long as shee liveth with all other nesisaris for the comfort of life.6 She died at Concord scarcely a month later, 26 Feb 1698.7

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