Esther/3a Brooks

F, #1984, (4 July 1668 - 11 January 1742/43)
Father*Dea. Joshua/2a Brooks1 b. c 1630, d. b 24 Aug 1697
Mother*Hannah/2 Mason1 b. 23 Sep 1636
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Children with Lt. Benjamin/3 Whittemore:

Esther/3a Brooks was born 4 Jul 1668 at Concord, Massachusetts1, where she married, 17 Aug 1692, Lt. Benjamin/3 Whittemore, son of John/2 Whittemore and Mary/2 Upham.2 He died at Concord 8 Sep 17343, and she in Acton, formerly Concord, 11 Jan 1742/43, a. 74.4 Presumably both are interred in the Hill Burying Ground, Concord, but only his g.s. remains today.5,6
     In 1735 a group of Concord residents led by John Flint petitioned the General Court for a new town to be set off from the easterly part of Concord, the northerly part of Weston, and the westerly part of Lexington. Noah Brooks, a resident of East Concord, was, with his brothers and sister Esther, among those signing a petition opposing the request. Their opposition was unsuccessful, and the new town of Acton was created 3 Jul 1735 from "The Village, or New Grant, Together with Willard's Farms" sections of Concord.7

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