Job/3a Brooks

M, #2042, (26 July 1675 - 18 May 1697)
Father*Dea. Joshua/2a Brooks1 b. c 1630, d. b 24 Aug 1697
Mother*Hannah/2 Mason1 b. 23 Sep 1636
Appears on charts:Descendants of Capt. Thomas/1a Brooks
Descendants of Dea. Joshua/2a Brooks
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Job/3a Brooks was born 26 Jul 1675 at Concord, Massachusetts,1, and died there, unmarried, 18 May 1697, a. 21.2
     His inventory, amounting to a modest £94, included wearing apparell of £2-15-6, rapier and belt 13s., thirteen deerskins at £3-6-0, table and form £1-0-0, five chairs at 9s., bedstead and two cloths at 12s., two cows at £5-5-0. and housing and land valued at £80-0-0. "The settlement of his estate indicates he was farming his own land; that there were medical bills indicates he d. of some illness," says Threlfall. Job's brother Noah was executor of his will.3,4
     Job's estate was settled by a deed of heirs. 24 Aug 1697, Noah Brooks, Daniel Brooks, Sen., Joseph Brooks, Sen., Benjamin Pierce, of Wat., Benjamin Whittemore, and Judah Potter, of Concord, conveyed to brother Hugh Brooks all right in the estate of our brother Job Brooks, had of our father Joshua Brooks, deceased.3,4

Local Notes:

Property11 Nov 1695, Concord, MA"On 11 Nov. 1695, with consent of his wife, [Joshua] sold his Concord lands by four deeds to his sons Noah, Daniel, Joseph and Job. Each deed described several parcels, all of which were in the same area and were bound by lands of these four brothers. He and Hannah both signed by mark. Noah paid £59, Daniel £59, Joseph £50, and Job £35," says Threlfall.5

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