John Chenery

M, #20662, ( - 5 September 1675)
Custom index:Philip's War (1675-76)
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Child with Sarah (–?–):

  • John Chenery6 b. 19 Dec 1657
John Chenery married, as her 2nd husband, 12 Mar 1654/55 at Watertown, Massachusetts, Sarah (–?–) of Watertown, widow of Thomas/1 Boylston Jr.1,2
     John Chenery was one of the force under Capt. Richard Beers which attempted to evacuate the settlement of Squakheag (Northfield) during Philip's War. Wounded in the Indian ambush of 4 Sep 1675, he died the following day.3,4

Local Notes:

Property27 Mar 1671, Watertown, MA"Mar. 27, 1671, Thomas Smith, butcher, of Charlestown, for good cause, conveys by deed to 'John Chinery, my father-in-law, and Thomas Boylston, my brother-in-law,' the house in Charlestown 'where I now dwell'; the land and out-houses, and furniture, and all my lands, rights and interest in Watertown; In trust, for behoof of Sarah Boylston, my wife and children, that I have by her. In consideration, they agree to pay his wife £20, and to discharge a debt he (T.S.) owes to John Richards, a merchant of Boston."5

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