Sir Robert Brackenbury — an ancestor? — figures prominently in the tale of the boy princes in the Tower of London during the reign of Richard III.

William Brackenbury

M, #22270, (circa 1602 - August 1668)
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Child with Alice (–?–):

  • Anne/2 Brackenbury10 b. circa 1629, d. 22 Sep 1714
William Brackenbury, born in England circa 1602 (g.s.)1, married Alice (–?–).2 The name of Will. Drakenbury was included on a list of "such as desire to be made ffreemen" of Massachusetts Bay," 19 Oct 1630.3 20 Dec 1650, William Brackenbury ["Brakenbury"], late of Charlestown, conveyed to Henry/1w Brooks, yeoman of Woburn, six parcels of land in Woburn (178 acres) at a place commonly called Horn Pond, together with a house frame, his wife Alice ["Ales"] giving her consent by mark.4,5 He died in Aug 1668 at Malden, where he then lived6, and his wife 28 Dec 1670.7,8 They are buried in Bell Rock Cemetery, Malden (Wyman), his g.s. no longer extant.2

Local Notes:

Elected20 Aug 1638, Charlestown, MA1638. 20 August. | The 20th 6th mo 1638, Willi: Brankenborow being chosen cunstable of Charlestowne, in the roome of Thom: Ewar, did take his oathe to that place belonging, before me, In: Nowell./9

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