Elizabeth/2 Treadway

F, #2379, (3 April 1646 - )
Father*Nathaniel/1 Treadway1 d. 20 Jul 1689
Mother*Sufferana/2 How1 b. s 1620, d. 22 Jul 1682
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Children with Shadrach/1 Hapgood:

  • Nathaniel/2 Hapgood11 b. 21 Oct 1665
  • Mary/2 Hapgood12 b. 2 Nov 1667, d. before 1695
  • Thomas/2 Hapgood+13 b. 1 Feb 1669, d. 4 Oct 1764
  • Sarah/2 Hapgood14 b. between 1671 and 1672
  • Elizabeth/2 Hapgood15 b. 1674
Elizabeth/2 Treadway, born 3 Apr 1646 at Watertown, Massachusetts1, married (1), 21 Oct 1664 at Sudbury, Shadrach/1 Hapgood of Sudbury, son of Thomas/a Hapgood and Joanne Scullard.2 He was killed by Indians at Quaboag, 2 Aug 1675, at the onset of Philip's War.3,4,5,6
Mrs. Habgood, with her five children, was probably at Sudbury, to receive the sorrowful tidings. But their griefs and losses were not yet ended. She was appointed to administer on her husband's estate, which, with his right and interest in the "New Plantation at Pomsetticutt," now Stow, was appraised by Peter Noyes and Edmund Goodenow, September 2, 1675, at £145-2s.-. October 5 (8), 1675 she presented a new inventory of the estate, valued at £106-11s., praying for an abatement of the difference, in consequence of the burning of a house by the enemy. This, no doubt, refers to a house which her husband had built upon his lot at Pomposetticut, for Sudbury was not burnt until April 6, 1676, although his descendant, who occupies the spot, has no tradition of the event.
     About the close of her administratorship, probably in 1677, the record says: "There are five children left of Sydrack" (or Shadrach) and Elizabeth Treadway (or Tredaway) Habgood.6

     She married (2) (–?–) Hayward.7,8 Her father's will, dated Jun/Jul 1687, mentions chil. of dr. Hayward, had by her first husband Hapgood.9,10

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