Josiah/3 Johnson

M, #23951, (15 January 1669 - 16 December 1739)
Father*Maj. William/2 Johnson1 b. c 1628
Mother*Esther Wiswall1 b. s 1635
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Children with Martha Whitmore:

Child with Deborah (–?–):

Josiah/3 Johnson was born 15 Jan 1669 at Woburn, Massachusetts1, where he married (1), 24 Jan 1705/6, Martha Whitmore of Medford2, who died at Woburn 25 Aug 1716.3 He married (2), by 1718, Deborah (–?–)4, who died at Woburn 5 Feb 1724.5 He died at Woburn 16 Dec 1739, a. 70.6

Local Notes:

Elected14 Oct 1728, Woburn, MATo obviate the difficulty [between Revs. Fox and Jackson], whatever occasioned it, the town, at their adjourned meeting, October 14, 1728, chose a committee of nine, "to goe to the Rev. Mr. Fox to see if they can make things easy with him; and if there be need, they shall goe to some of the neighbouring ministers." … Ensign Samuel Blogget, Messrs. Jonathan Thompson, Josiah Johnson, John Tidd, Senr., Deacons Lock, Thompson, Walker, and Reed, and Lieut. Peirson Richardson …7

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Maj. William/2 Johnson

M, #23953, (circa 1628 - )
Father*Capt. Edward/1 Johnson1 b. 17 Sep 1598, d. 23 Apr 1672
Custom index:Baptists of Early Massachusetts & West Jersey
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Children with Esther Wiswall:

Maj. William/2 Johnson, born circa 16282, married, 16 May 1655 at Woburn, Massachusetts, Esther Wiswall, daughter of Thomas Wiswall, ruling elder of the church at Newton.3,4 Described as "about 30," he was a witness, Dec 1658, in his father's suit for slander against Ensign John Carter.2,5 His election as ensign of the Woburn military company was presented to the General Court in Oct 1663.6
     In 1672 he succeeded his father as town clerk of Woburn, and held that office until 1688. "The first volume of the Woburn Records is wholly in the handwriting of Major William Johnson, the second town clerk of Woburn…."7,8
     "In Dec. 1677, George Polly, the wife of John Wilson, Senior, John Wilson, Junior, Timothy Brooks, Francis Wyman, Aaron Cleveland and Hopestill Foster are admonished and sentenced to pay costs of court for 'frequent absenting themselves from the public worship of God on the Lord's days.'—Middlesex County Court Records, Vol. III., page 205…In Dec. 1677, Capt. John Carter and Lieut. William Johnson are allowed ten shillings apiece for attending the courts to give in evidence against the 'Anna baptists.'—Middlesex County Court Records, Vol. III., page 207. Several of these persons were again summoned to court and fined for similar violations of law in 1679." Sewall, Woburn's historian, calls Major Johnson "a strict Orthodox Congregationalist."9,4
     Trusted friend Lieut. William Johnson was named overseer in the will of Henry/1w Brooks, 18 Jul 1682, "and in token of my love I give him twenty Shillings in silver: the which I have payd alredy."5,10,11
     In December, 1686, Sir Edmund Andros arrived at Boston as Royal Governor, and soon proscribed the local custom of town meetings except once yearly for the choice of town officers. The townsmen of Woburn were so angered that for two years in a row, 1687-88, they convened (illegally) on the traditional last Tuesday of February to elect a board of selectmen known for support of the old charter: William Johnson Esq., Francis Kendall, Samuel Walker, William Lock(e) and Increase Winn. Each of these votes was subsequently annulled by the Royal administration.12

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Nathaniel Evans

M, #23955, (12 September 1680 - 29 April 1750)
Father*Nathaniel Evans1 b. s 1648, d. 16 Dec 1710
Mother*Elizabeth (–?–)1 b. s 1650
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Children with Abigail To_____:

  • Abigail Evans5,6 b. 23 Jun 1705
  • Sarah Evans+7,8 b. 20 Oct 1707, d. 22 Feb 1789
  • Andrew Evans9,10 b. 26 Jan 1708/9
  • Elizabeth Evans11,12 b. 26 Mar 1711 or 28 Mar 1711, d. 4 Dec 1718
  • David Evans13 b. 19 Jul 1715
  • Elizabeth Evans12 b. 4 Dec 1719
  • Jonathan Evans14 b. 9 May 1722
  • Mary Evans15 b. 4 Mar 1723
Nathaniel Evans Jr. was born 12 Sep 1680 at Reading, Massachusetts1, where he married, 27 Sep 1704, Abigail To_____.2 She died at Reading 11 Apr 17503, and he 29 Apr 1750, a. 69.4

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