Experience/3 Flagg

F, #24323, (5 May 1693 - 3 June 1753)
Father*Benjamin/2 Flagg1 b. 25 Jun 1662, d. 3 May 1741
Mother*Experience Child1 b. 26 Feb 1669/70, d. 1747
Appears on charts:Descendants of Capt. Thomas/1a Brooks
Descendants of Caleb/2a Brooks
Descendants of Mary/3a Brooks (of Caleb)
Descendants of Caleb/4a Ball
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Children with Caleb/4a Ball:

  • Experience/5a Ball6 b. 17 Aug 1714
  • Lydia/5a Ball7 b. 28 Feb 1715/16, d. 24 Feb 1814
  • John/5a Ball2 b. 2 Oct 1719
  • Bethiah/5a Ball8 b. 28 Jan 1721/22, d. 15 Jul 1752
  • Caleb/5a Ball9 b. 22 Jul 1724, d. 13 Oct 1798
  • Benjamin/5a Ball10 b. 3 Jan 1726, d. 22 May 1811
  • Samuel/5a Ball11 b. 24 Mar 1728
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Experience/3 Flagg, born 5 May 1693 at Watertown, Massachusetts1, there married, 26 Oct 1713, Caleb/4a Ball of Concord, son of Nathaniel/3 Ball and Mary/3a Brooks.2,1 He died at Concord 3 Dec 1734, a. 443, and she 3 (9, g.s.) Jun 1753, a. 60.4 They are interred in the Old Hill Burying Ground.5

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Susanna/4a Ball

F, #24328, (24 January 1688/89 - )
Father*Nathaniel/3 Ball1 b. 3 Jul 1663, d. 4 Mar 1724/25
Mother*Mary/3a Brooks1 b. 3 Apr 1666, d. 22 Aug 1726
Appears on charts:Descendants of Capt. Thomas/1a Brooks
Descendants of Caleb/2a Brooks
Descendants of Mary/3a Brooks (of Caleb)
Descendants of Susanna/4a Ball
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Children with Henry Ewers:

  • Henry/5a Ewers4 b. 24 Dec 1716, d. 30 Aug 1757
  • Robert/5a Ewers5 b. 14 Jun 1719
  • James/5a Ewers3 b. say 1721
  • Susanna/5a Ewers6 b. 15 Jun 1723
Susanna/4a Ball, born 24 Jan 1688/89 at Concord, Massachusetts1, there married, 20 Feb 1715/16, Henry Ewers ["Yours"], a sailor.2
     21 Oct 1725, "Henry Ewer, 'formerly of the Parish of Concord in the province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, now a dweller in the bay of Honduras,' made his will. In this he named Mathew Bond of the Bay of Honduras, executor of the property there, and his wife executrix of the New England property. He named also his children: Henry, Robert, James and Susanna.3 There is evidence that the will was proved or admitted to probate, and the original, somewhat faint and worn, is preserved in the Middlesex County Probate files. September 9, 1726, the widow Susanna was appointed administratrix of the estate of her husband, 'Henry Yours late of Concord, deceased intestate beyond the seas in the Bay of Honduras.' She gave bond for £300, with Nathaniel Ball as surety. The inventory taken March 14, 1726-1727, £144-18-4, was attested by the widow October 21, 1727, and bears this notation in the handwriting of the Judge of Probate:

The admx. makes no mention of what she rec. of her father's estate and supposes she is not acountable for it. To be inquired into.

     "On February 5, 1727, her account was allowed, 'present Nathaniel Ball, and Thomas Ball, uncles to the deceased's four children, namely Henry, eldest, Robert, James and Susanna, and Samuel Merriam and Ebenezer Brooks, their guardians. On July 15, 1729, a citation was issued to Susanna Stoughtenburgh, formerly Yours, admx. of Henry Yours, formerly of Concord. July 21, 1729, an additional inventory, was filed of £50, note of Henry Bond, paid to her present husband Luke Stotenburg.3'"
     As her first husband's probate makes clear, Susanna married (2), between 5 Feb 1727 and 15 Jul 1729, Luke Stotenburgh.3

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