William/1 White

M, #24581, (say 1590 - 21 February 1620/21)
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Children with Susanna (–?–):

  • Resolved/2 White+2 b. circa 1615, d. after 19 Sep 1687
  • Peregrine/2 White2 b. between 7 Dec 1620 and 10 Dec 1620, d. 20 Jul 1704 or 22 Jul 1704
William/1 White married, as her 1st husband, Susanna (–?–).1 With their son Resolved they sailed, 1620, on the Mayflower to Plymouth, Massachusetts2, where he died 21 Feb 1620/21.2 His widow married, 12 May following, Gov. Edward/1 Winslow of Plymouth Colony.1
     Caleb Johnson writes, "The ancestry of William White of the Mayflower is not known. Incorrect royal lineages have been given for him, as well as an incorrect identification of him as the son of Rev. John White of London.2
     "Almost nothing is known about William White. The often-stated fact that he was a 'wool comber' comes from the marriage record which is disproved above, so even his occupation is unknown. There were several William Whites in Leyden, and it is possible he was one of them; but there is no evidence he was from Leyden either, and he could very well have boarded the Mayflower in London.
     "William White brought his 7-months pregnant wife Susanna, and son Resolved on the Mayflower. Susanna gave birth to Peregrine onboard the Mayflower in Provincetown Harbor in early December, 1621. The name Peregrine means wanderer, traveller, or foreigner. The 'tradition' to use a unique name such as Peregrine to commemorate the Mayflower's voyage and the Pilgrims' journey may have come from the Hopkins family, who named their son, who was born on the voyage, Oceanus."1
     See Johnson's "Mayflower Web Pages," most particularly http://members.aol.com/calebj/passenger.html.1

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Thomas/a Hapgood

M, #24589, (say 1598 - )
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Child with Joanne Scullard:

Thomas/a Hapgood, born at Chute, Wiltshire, England1, married, 25 Oct 1641 at Andover, Hampshire, Joanne Scullard of Andover.1

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Joanne Scullard

F, #24590, (19 July 1612 - )
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Child with Thomas/a Hapgood:

Joanne Scullard, baptised 19 Jul 1612 at Andover, Hampshire1, there married, 25 Oct 1641, Thomas/a Hapgood.1

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