Great-grandfather of President John Adams.

Dr. Thomas/2 Boylston

M, #2588, (26 January 1644/45 - 1695)
Father*Thomas/1 Boylston1 b. c 1615, d. 1653
Mother*Sarah (–?–)1 d. 14 Sep 1704
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Children with Mary Gardner:

  • Thomas/3 Boylston12 b. 26 Jan 1667/68, d. before 6 Apr 1739
  • Mary/3 Boylston13 b. 21 Mar 1668/69
  • Richard/3 Boylston14 b. 29 Jan 1671, d. 25 Apr 1752
  • Peter/3 Boylston15 b. circa 1673, d. 10 Sep 1743
  • Edward/3 Boylston16 b. 26 Jan 1673, d. say 1702
  • Abigail/3 Boylston+17 b. 15 Nov 1674, d. 23 May 1756
  • Joanna/3 Boylston18 b. say 1676
  • Dr. Zabdiel/3 Boylston19 b. 9 Mar 1678/79, d. 1 Mar 1766
  • Sarah/3 Boylston+20 b. 26 Dec 1680, d. 16 Oct 1736
  • Lucy/3 Boylston21 b. 23 Apr 1682
  • Rebecca/3 Boylston22 b. 15 Sep 1685, d. 7 Sep 1762
  • Dudley/3 Boylston23 b. 17 Apr 1687 or 19 Aug 1688, d. 18 Apr 1748
Dr. Thomas/2 Boylston III was born 26 Jan 1644/45 at Watertown, Massachusetts. (The published town record of his birth gives 26 (11) in the year 1664, but he was ae. 28 in 1673.)2,3,4 He married, 13 Dec 1665 at Charlestown, Mary Gardner, daughter of Thomas Gardner and Lucy Smith. They settled at Muddy River (today Brookline), where he was known as "the Chirurgeon of Muddy River."5,4
     Thomas Boylston served under Capt. Thomas Prentice in King Philip's War, 1675–766,7, and died at Muddy River, 1695.4 His widow died there 8 Jul 1722.8,4 His estate was prized at £560-14-10.9
     Says Curtis in The History of Brookline: "Certainly no family of the eighteenth century brought more of distinction to the town of Brookline than did the Boylstons. Dr. Thomas Boylston, first of the name to settle there, was born in Watertown in 1644, the son of Thomas Boylston who came from England in 1635. The doctor participated in the Narragansett Indian war, and in 1665 married Mary Gardner of Brookline, in which town he settled. His son Peter was a signer of the petition for the setting up of Brookline as a separate town."7
     Of his children, his daughters Abigail and Sarah married brothers, Ebenezer and Samuel Brooks of Medford. His son Peter Boylston married Ann White and became the grandfather of President John Adams. His son Dr. Zabdiel Boylston, with Rev. Cotton Mather, braved death threats to introduce smallpox inoculation to Boston during the epidemic of 1721.
     "The family of Boylston was one of high distinction in Massachusetts. It has ceased to exist as a family, but the name is still perpetuated in the streets of Boston and Cambridge, in the hall also of Harvard University, where their portraits by Copley are preserved, giving them a place among the benefactors of learning. Whatever force or distinction the family of Boylston possessed was not lost when the male line of descent was extinguished. The elder son of Ebenezer Brooks, who had married Abigail Boylston, was called Caleb, and Caleb had a son, John, who rose to be governor of Massachusetts, and who deserves a special mention…."

Local Notes:

Property27 Mar 1671, Watertown, MA"Mar. 27, 1671, Thomas Smith, butcher, of Charlestown, for good cause, conveys by deed to 'John Chinery, my father-in-law, and Thomas Boylston, my brother-in-law,' the house in Charlestown 'where I now dwell'; the land and out-houses, and furniture, and all my lands, rights and interest in Watertown; In trust, for behoof of Sarah Boylston, my wife and children, that I have by her. In consideration, they agree to pay his wife £20, and to discharge a debt he (T.S.) owes to John Richards, a merchant of Boston."10
Property1680ESTATE.—T.B. of M.R. with J. Chenery, buys of John Kettle, house-plot had of Shepherdson—NE, street 3 poles; SW, Windmill hill 2½ poles; SE, John Baxter; NW, D.S; 1680, rec. 169011

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Sarah Boylston was the great-aunt of President John Adams.

Sarah/3 Boylston

F, #2589, (26 December 1680 - 16 October 1736)
Father*Dr. Thomas/2 Boylston1 b. 26 Jan 1644/45, d. 1695
Mother*Mary Gardner1 b. 9 Apr 1648, d. 8 Jul 1722
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Descendants of Caleb/2a Brooks
Descendants of Capt. Samuel/3a Brooks
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Children with Capt. Samuel/3a Brooks:, memorial #26920726. Photo by BobBoston.
Sarah/3 Boylston, born circa 1680 (g.s.), was baptised 26 Dec 1680 at Roxbury, Massachusetts.2,1 She married, by 1700, perhaps at Charlestown, Capt. Samuel/3a Brooks, son of Caleb/2a Brooks and Hannah/2 Atkinson, with whom she had 2 children.3,4 (Their siblings Capt. Ebenezer Brooks and Abigail Boylston also married.) Sarah and her sister Abigail were dismissed from the church at Cambridge to Medford in 1713.5
     Samuel died at Medford 3 Jul 1733. "By his Will," says Bond, "dated Feb. 20, 1733, he gave to his wife Sarah one-half the dwelling-house, barn, and calash-house, his Negro man, Bristow, the furniture and one tankard during her life, one-third the horse-cart, and one-third part of the farming utensils."6 An estate settlement dated 21 Jan 1734/5 directed son Samuel, the executor, to pay his mother £541-13-0.7
     Sarah died at Medford 16 Oct 17368, and is buried with her husband in Salem Street Cemetery.9

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1st cousin once removed to President John/5 Adams.

Samuel/4a Brooks

M, #2590, (3 September 1700 - 5 July 1768)
Father*Capt. Samuel/3a Brooks1 b. 1 Sep 1672, d. 3 Jul 1733
Mother*Sarah/3 Boylston1 b. 26 Dec 1680, d. 16 Oct 1736
Appears on charts:Descendants of Capt. Thomas/1a Brooks
Descendants of Caleb/2a Brooks
Descendants of Capt. Samuel/3a Brooks
Descendants of Samuel/4a Brooks Jr.
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Children with Mary/4 Boutwell:

  • Mary/5a Brooks16 b. 26 Jul 1726, d. 14 Aug 1726
  • Sarah/5a Brooks17 b. 26 Jul 1726, d. 5 Aug 1726
  • Mary/5a Brooks18 b. 18 Jan 1727/28, d. 10 Oct 1765
  • Dea. Samuel/5a Brooks19 b. 7 Sep 1729, d. 21 Mar 1807
  • Capt. Thomas/5a Brooks20 b. 6 Jan 1732, d. 7 Mar 1799
  • Rev. Edward/5a Brooks21 b. 31 Oct 1733, d. 6 May 1781
  • Jonathan/5a Brooks22 b. 10 Aug 1735, d. 28 Aug 1750
Samuel's original gravestone, Salem Street Cemetery., memorial #26903819. Photo by BobBoston.
Samuel/4a Brooks Jr. was born 3 Sep 1700 at Medford, Massachusetts, where he lived his entire life.2,1 He married, 25 Mar 1725 at Reading, Mary/4 Boutwell of Reading, daughter of Dea. Thomas/3 Boutwell and Abigail (–?–), "who brought with her a large landed property in that town" and in present-day Wilmington.3,4,5 His father's will, dated 20 Feb 1733, named him executor, and left him a silver hilted sword and pistols, his best saddle and housing, one third of the cattle and swine, and the negro man named Boston. His wife was left one cow in the will.6 9 May 1755, he was chosen deacon of the Medford church to which his parents had belonged, but refused the office, according to Thomas Secomb's journal.7
     "His Will, dated Sept. 2, 1762, mentions wife Mary (to have, among other articles, the negro girl Rose, then sick; if she died, then to have Dinah), son Thomas (to have the negro boy, Pompey), son Edward (to have the negro boy, Charlie), son Samuel, and dr. Mary Whitmore."8
     Samuel Brooks died at Medford 5 Jul 1768, a. 67.9 "In the division of the estate, [son] Thomas's share was prized at £4,492 17s. 6d., O.T., and [son] Edward's share at £3,989 7s. 6d. O.T."10,8 His widow Mary died 25 May 1772, a. 74.11 Both were buried in Salem Street Cemetery, and reinterred 14 Jul 1881 in the new Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford. Samuel's original gravestone is still standing in the Salem Street Cemetery.12
     James Emery Brooks, in My Great Grandfather's House in Exeter, New Hampshire, writes, "His house, built in 1727, which stood about 30 rods north of his father's, was taken down in 1860 by his great-great-grandson, Peter C. Brooks, the third of that name. The brick wall, many times repaired, in front of this house is still standing. It was built by Pomp (the negro of Thomas Brooks, the son of Samuel) about 1765, from bricks of his own make. The will of Samuel proves him to have been one of the few slaveholders in the town."13

     • "Support grows for slave memorial in Medford," The Boston Globe, 14 Apr 2000.
     • "Support grows for slave memorial in Medford," The Boston Globe, 14 Apr 2000 (continued).

Local Notes:

Propertyafter 3 Jul 1733, Medford, MA"He inherited one-half, and succeeded to the whole of his father's real estate" in Medford, says Bond14
ElectedMedford, MAHe was town treasurer many years.15

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