Capt. Richard Beers, who had served in the Pequot War in 1637 and been 31 years a selectman of Watertown, Massachusetts, is best remembered as the military commander of an expedition of 36 men and two oxen which attempted to evacuate the English settlement of Squakheag (Northfield) during Philip's War, but was ambushed and lost more than half its men, including its commander.1

Capt. Richard/1 Beers

M, #26153, (say 1610 - 4 September 1675)
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Children with Elizabeth (–?–):

CAPTAIN RICHARD BEERS — Grave of Captain Richard Beers, killed by Indians on September 4, 1675. His monument is on the mountain-side above.

     See Hist. Northfield (1875), 70-80.1

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