John Kingsley

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Child with an unknown spouse/person:

John Kingsley, of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, married (1) Alice (–?–)1, who was buried at Rehoboth 14 Jan 1673.1 He married there (2), 16 Mar 1674, Mary Johnson, widow of Roger/1 Mowry.2,3 His name is found on a list of men who made advances of money to sustain the Plymouth government during Philip's War, 1675-1676, his sum being £
     His will, 2 Nov 1677, requests "my oldbody to be buried by my wife Allice, in the north corner of My House lott"; and names wife Mary sole executrix, to possess house, lands and goods whole until her death, when son Eldad as sole executor shall then inherit the whole, paying to John's children Enos and Freedom £5 apiece.
     I look that Eldad and his to be a staffe to us in our old Age for John ffrench hath left mee in my old Age when I had most need of him whom according to nature and condition and my Just espectation should have stayed with me until death yett I give him five Shillings in Silver to Receive of my son Eldad and I desire therebe noe swearing about my will or estate.5
     John French, having been by his father dispatched into the service of his grandfather Kingsley of Rehoboth at the age of about 15, had married, 8 Mar 1678/79, upon reaching the age of 21. By leaving his father's service for that of his grandfather, he had previously forfeited his first son's right to a double portion. Eldad Kingsley, recognizing that six years of service deserved proper reward, agreed with John French, 8 Mar 1678/79, that French should have 50 acres of upland in the North Purchase, which sometimes was the land of the said John Kingsley, and the meadow and one half the common belonging to the said upland, in full satisfaction for his service.5

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