Nathaniel/3 Ball

M, #3460, (3 July 1663 - 4 March 1724/25)
Father*Nathaniel/2 Ball1 b. c 1625, d. 14 Jan 1705/6
Mother*Mary Wayne1 b. s 1627, d. 14 Feb 1669
Appears on charts:Descendants of Capt. Thomas/1a Brooks
Descendants of Caleb/2a Brooks
Descendants of Mary/3a Brooks (of Caleb)
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Children with Mary/3a Brooks:, memorial #24094568. Photo by Bill Boyington.
Nathaniel/3 Ball Jr., 2nd so-named, born 3 Jul 1663 at Concord, Massachusetts1, there married, 19 Apr 1688, Mary/3a Brooks of Concord, daughter of Caleb/2a Brooks and Susanna/2 Atkinson.2 In the settlement of her father's estate, Aug 1696, Nathaniel Ball and Mary his wife received £110 in money.3 Nathaniel died in that part of Concord which is now Bedford, 4 Mar 1724/25, a. 61.4 His inventory, dated 6 Apr 1725 and amounting to £838.2.4., was signed by his widow Mary and son Nathl Junr.5 Mary died 22 Aug 1726.6,7 They are interred in the Hill Burying Ground, Concord.8,9
     "Father to Caleb, (grandfather to Reuben), who m. Experience Flagg, 1713, and had eight children, three of whom lived to be over 90 years old."10

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