Elizabeth/4 Brainerd

F, #39261, (22 March 1744/45 - before 1798)
Father*Lt. Phineas/3 Brainerd1 b. 17 Oct 1720, d. 8 Mar 1803
Mother*Jerusha Towner1 b. c 1724, d. 18 Apr 1797
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Descendants of Capt. Joseph/3h Brooks
Descendants of Joshua/4h Brooks
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Children with Joshua/4h Brooks:

  • Elizabeth Brainerd/5h Brooks2 b. Mar 1764, d. 16 Dec 1831
  • Daniel/5h Brooks2 b. say 1766
  • Israel/5h Brooks2 b. Jul 1768
  • Anne/5h Brooks3 b. Jul 1770
  • John/5h Brooks2 b. Jul 1772
  • Joshua/5h Brooks2 d. 13 Sep 1847
  • Hannah S/5h Brooks2 b. Sep 1777
  • George/5h Brooks2 b. say 1781
  • Joseph/5h Brooks2 b. say 1783
Elizabeth/4 Brainerd, born 22 Mar 1744/45 at Haddam, Connecticut1, there married, 16 Nov 1762, Joshua/4h Brooks, a farmer of Haddam, son of Capt. Joseph/3h Brooks and Rebecca (–?–).2 (Their siblings Phineas Brainerd Jr. and Elizabeth Brooks also married.) She probably died before 1798, when her father made his will.2 Joshua died 30 Oct 1824.2

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Lt. Phineas/3 Brainerd

M, #39263, (17 October 1720 - 8 March 1803)
Father*Elijah/2 Brainerd1 b. c 1677/78
Mother*Mary Bushnell1 b. 10 Mar 1675, d. 11 Sep 1735
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Children with Jerusha Towner:

Lt. Phineas/3 Brainerd, born 17 Oct 1720 at Haddam, Connecticut1, there married, 9 Nov 1741, Jerusha Towner, daughter of Benjamin Towner, and settled in the northern section of Haddam, now called Higganum.2,3 Lieutenant in the 11th company, 7th Connecticut regiment, Oct 1765, and said to have been in the Revolutionary War.2 At a town meeting 5 Sep 1774, of which he was moderator, Phineas Brainerd was appointed to a committee to organize and forward donations to the poor of Boston, which was then closed under British occupation.2
     His wife died at Haddam 18 Apr 17972, and he 8 Mar 1803, a. 82. "He went to the barn to fodder the cattle, where he was found dead." "By the wife of his youth he had an offspring of 9 children, 52 grandchildren, 48 great-grand-children, 1 great-great-grandchild."2
     Three of his children married Brooks spouses of Haddam.
     See Lucy A. Brainerd, Brainerd-Brainard Family in America, 46-47.2

Local Notes:

ElectedOct 1757, Haddam, CTHe was chosen constable and collector Oct., 1757. He was a farmer.2
ElectedMay 1776, Haddam, CTHe was chosen deputy for the town of Haddam in May, 1776.2

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