Luke/1 Hitchcock

M, #40168, (say 1615 - 5 June 1659 or November 1659)
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Children with Elizabeth Gibbons:

Luke/1 Hitchcock, of Wethersfield and New Haven, Connecticut, married, as her 1st husband, Elizabeth Gibbons.1 He died 5 Jun or Nov 1659 at Wethersfield, leaving widow Elizabeth and 3 children, who removed to Springfield, where she married (2) William/1 Warriner.1

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Mary/2 Waite

F, #40169, (25 February 1671/72 - circa 1704)
Father*Sgt. Benjamin/1 Waite1 b. s 1642, d. 1 Mar 1704
Mother*Martha/2 Leonard1 b. 15 May 1649
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Child with Ebenezer/3 Wells:

Mary/2 Waite, born 25 Feb 1671/72 at Hatfield, Massachusetts1, was taken prisoner, with her mother and two sisters, and carried a captive to Canada in 1677. They returned to Hatfield in May 1678, after their father and Stephen Jennings walked to Canada to procure their release.2 She married, as his 1st wife, 4 Dec 1690, Ebenezer/3 Wells of Hatfield, son of Thomas/2 Wells and Mary Beardsley,3 and died circa 1704.3

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