Edmund Pringridays

M, #40354, (say 1641 - 11 October 1675)
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Edmund Pringridays married, as her 1st husband, 1 Nov 1666 at Springfield, Massachusetts, Mary/2 Morgan of Springfield, daughter of Sgt. Miles/1 Morgan and Prudence Gilbert.1
     In 1668, John Bagg, Edmund Pringridays, and William Brooks joined hands and fortunes in a joint lease of town land on Chicopee Plain, located on the west side of Connecticut River in what is today West Springfield (details in the Local Records table below.) Their initial cooperation did not survive the term of the lease.2
     5 May 1669, Wm Brookes complained of John Bagg, Edmund Pringridays and Joseph Bedortha that between them they had left 6 cattle in the field overnight without the required keeper. The Selectmen found for the complainant, and fined the cattle owners 30s. between them.3
     The defendants of 1669 pushed back a year later. 16 Sep 1670, Reice Bedortha complained against William Brookes and Mary his wife for theire abusing of his son Joseph Bedortha by Bad language flinging a stick at him and using Reproachfull words Threatning expreshons and Taunting speeches. William Brooke and Mary his wife appeared, and though they partly denied the charges, magistrate Pynchon found them "both guilty of a very great Misdemeanor Touching that Busyness." He fined William 20s. and witness fees, Mary 10s. John Bagg and Edmund and Mary "Pengilley?" [Pringridays] were now witnesses against William Brooks.4
     Edmund Pringridays died 11 Oct 1675.5

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