Thomas/1 Boylston was 2nd great-grandfather of President John Adams, 3rd great-grandfather of President John Quincy Adams, and 4th great-grandfather of Charles Francis Adams, Lincoln's minister to England during the Civil War.

Thomas/1 Boylston

M, #4126, (circa 1615 - 1653)
Father*Thomas/a Boylston1 b. c 1580, d. c 1648
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Children with Sarah (–?–):

  • Elizabeth/2 Boylston13 b. 21 Sep 1640, d. 4 May 1665
  • Sarah/2 Boylston14 b. 30 Sep 1642, d. 8 Aug 1711
  • Dr. Thomas/2 Boylston+15 b. 26 Jan 1644/45, d. 1695
Thomas/1 Boylston Jr. was baptised 12 Feb 1614/15 at St. Dionis Backchurch, London.2 A clothworker of Fenchurch Street, London, he sailed, Jul 1635, age 20, in the Defence of London, Edward Bostock, master, arriving at Boston 8 Oct. He settled at Watertown, where he lived until his death in 1653.3,4,5 He married, circa 1639 Sarah (–?–).6,2
     "It is evident, from the County Records, that Thomas Boylston of Wat. was not a very exemplary husband or Christian, and that his friends in England had not full confidence in his prudence and discretion; as an agent was employed to purchase an estate for him in Watertown. It is not improbable that he had been a gay young gentleman of London, whose habits were not formed after the puritanical model, and, not being a member of the church, he was never admitted freeman."7
     "Ap. 1650. Suit. Thomas Boylston vs. Thomas Pratt, for withholding money sent him by his uncle. John Sawin testified that in 1648, he spoke with the old man (the uncle), and he said he had assigned his house and lands in New England to him, Thomas Pratt [in trust] for young Boylston ["Boidson"] and his children. Nonsuited."7
     His estate, inventoried at £560 14s 10d, was administered, says Bond, "by his wid., Sarah (the mother of his chil.), Oct. 4, 1653." The estate was divided 21 Feb 1668/9.8,9 His widow married (2), 5 Sep 1675, John Chenery of Watertown, who died 5 Sep 1675 at Squakheag as a soldier in Philip's War.10,11 Sarah Chenery died at Watertown 14 Sep 1704.12,2

Local Notes:

Property30 Sep 1639, Watertown, MA"By deed, dated Sept. 30, 1639, Gregory Stone, of Camb., sold to Nathaniel Sparhawk, agent of (?Thomas) Boilstone, of London, cloth-worker, his house and ground in Wat., bounded with Edmund Lewis south; the ____ east; Highway and Edward Goffe north, and James Cutler west. Also, 16 acres, and 3 acres more toward Fresh Pond, between E. Lewis and John Beers. Also, 2 acres in Rocky Meadow on Camb. line. Also, 40 acres great dividend land in 1st squadron next the great river. Also, 9 acres plow-land in the plain between 1st squadron and the great river. These lands were evidently bought for the accommodation of his son, Thomas Jr., of Wat., as they were embraced in the list of his possessions in 1642.12
Property1642, Watertown, MAIn addition to the lands purchased of Gregory Stone, in 1642 he held 73 acres, granted by the town.12
Property1652Thomas Boyson [Boylston] makes Hugh Mason and J. Stedman feoffees in trust of ½ of £40 per annum in hands of Richard Boyson of London, his kinsman, and ½ of house in Watertown, and ½ of his boyes wages for keeping cattle. Suff. Deeds i: 247, 16525

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