Rev. Hope/2 Atherton

M, #43783, (30 August 1646 - 8 June 1677)
Father*Gen. Humphrey/1 Atherton1 b. s 1605, d. b May 1669
Mother*Mary (–?–) b. s 1607
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Children with Sarah/2 Hollister:

Rev. Hope/2 Atherton, baptised 30 Aug 1646 at Dorchester, Massachusetts,2, graduated Harvard College in 1665.3 In 1669, he was called to the ministry by a group of settlers on the west bank of the Connecticut River, the frontier of settlement at that time, who had planted themselves across the river from the established village of Hadley, Massachusetts. This west bank settlement, in which he is believed to have informally preached as early as 1668, was organizing as the new town of Hatfield.3 The initial salary offered was £50.1 8 Aug 1670, "the Town of Hatfield hath granted to allow Mr. Hope Atherton sixty pounds per year during his work in the ministry amongst us, provided they are free from providing him wood for his firing." It was voted to give him in addition to his house lot a ministerial allotment in the meadows, to build him a house and to allow him £60 a year, two thirds in good merchantable wheat and one third in pork, with the stipulation that "if our crops fall short so that we cannot pay him in kind, then we are to pay him in the next best we have." His meadow allotment was in the East Division. The specifications for his house were "much superior to any others in the settlement."4
     He married, 1674 at Hatfield, Sarah/2 Hollister, daughter of Lt. Joseph/1 Hollister, of Wethersfield, Connecticut.2 He died at Hatfield 8 Jun 1677, a. 302, and his widow married (2) Lt. Timothy Baker.2
     18 May 1676, a force of 141 men had gathered at Hatfield for a march northward under Lt. Samuel Turner to attack the Indian fishing encampment at Peskeompskut, the falls between Gill and Montague later called Turners Falls. Rev. Hope Atherton was the expedition's chaplain. After an all-night march, the English achieved their initial goal of surprise, and at daybreak of the 19th commenced the massacre of scores of native warriors, women and children. But the sound of the falls masked the approach of a much larger native relief force, which then fell upon the celebrating English and did even more slaughter in a ferocious pursuit which carried all the way to Deerfield. "Among those who found their way back to the settlements later than the main body was Rev. Hope Atherton. He never recovered from the exposure and died June 4, 1677." The story of his days wandering in the wilderness, near starvation and trying to escape capture, is told in his own words in Wells & Wells, Hist. Hatfield.5
     "The poverty brought by the war is shown by the fact that a settlement in full was not given Rev. Hope Atherton's widow till 1680, when Sarah Atherton, in consideration of the sum of £40, declared the obligations discharged."6

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Shubael/4sf Atherton

M, #43789, (11 August 1720 - )
Father*Joseph/3 Atherton1 b. 7 Jan 1674/75
Mother*Mindwell/3sf Brown1 b. 20 Nov 1686
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Children with Sarah/4 Allen:

  • Mindwell/5sf Atherton3 b. 7 Sep 1742, d. 5 Oct 1743
  • Asahel/5sf Atherton4 b. 11 May 1744, d. 11 Aug 1745
  • Sarah/5sf Atherton5 b. 17 Apr 1746
  • Asahel/5sf Atherton6 b. 9 Nov 1747
  • Adonijah/5sf Atherton7 b. 12 Aug 1750
  • Abigail/5sf Atherton8 b. 12 Apr 1752
  • Joseph/5sf Atherton9 b. 12 Apr 1752
Shubael/4sf Atherton, born 11 Aug 1720 Deerfield, Massachusetts1, there married, 24 Dec 1741, Sarah/4 Allen, daughter of John/3 Allen and Abigail Severance.2

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