Lt. William/1 Allis

M, #43822, ( - 6 September 1678)
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Children with Mary (–?–):

  • Capt. John/2 Allis5,1 b. 5 Mar 1642, d. Jan 1691
  • Samuel/2 Allis+6 b. 24 Feb 1646/47, d. 9 Mar 1691
  • Josiah/2 Allis7 b. 1649, d. 15 Oct 1651
  • William/2 Allis8 b. 20 Oct 1651, d. Jul 1653
  • Hannah/2 Allis1,5 b. 1654
  • Mary/2 Allis9 b. 25 Oct 1654, d. 25 Feb 1690
  • William/2 Allis10 b. 10 Jan 1655/56, d. 19 May 1676
Lt. William/1 Allis, a freeman of Braintree, Massachusetts, 13 May 16361, married (1), by 1642, Mary (–?–), who died 10 Aug 1677.1 Then of Hatfield, he was one of a committee of five appointed by the General Court, 11 Oct 1672, to lay out and order the new settlement of Squakheag, later Northfield. Of these, Clarke, Allis and Graves went up to Squakheag, probably in the fall of 1672, "with two of the engagers," and laid out the township.2 He married (2), 25 Jun 1678, Mary Bronson, daughter of John Bronson, and widow of John Wyatt of Haddam, Connecticut, and John/2 Graves of Hatfield, Massachusetts.3,1 He died at Hatfield 6 Sep following, and his widow m. (4) Capt. Samuel Gaylord.1
     His inventory, dated 18 Sep 1678, amounted to £496-6-6, making him one of Hatfield's wealthiest citizens.4
     "Mr. Allis was quite prominent at Braintree. Among other positions he held the office of cornet or 2d lieutenant in the troop of mounted men, also had the supervision of building a road from Boston to Providence. About 1662 he rem. to Hat. where he was a leading citizen, a trusted lieutenant of John Pynchon of Springfield, commissioner to end small causes or minor law suits, often on advisory committees with such men as Peter Tilton and Lieut. Samuel Smith when they were empowered to say who should be inhabitants of Dfld., regulate the herding of cattle and swine, advise about the institution of a church and getting a good orthodox minister, etc., etc. At a later date the Great and General Court appointed Lieut. William Allis, Thomas Meekins, Sr., Sergt. Isaac Graves, Lieut. Samuel Smith, Peter Tilton and Samuel Hinsdale to be a committee to act in all respects, to lay out the farms, to admit inhabitants at Dfld. Garrisons were established in various towns, that at Hat. being made up of thirty-six men under Lieut. William Allis, and he had much to do as commander of a squad of soldiers in getting out timbers for fortifying Hat. in the winter of 1677-'78."5,1

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