"She (wife) was insane in 1660, and probably had been thus some time. She gave much annoyance to her family and neighbors."2

Elizabeth/2 Peirce

F, #45533, (say 1625 - say 1664)
Father*John/1 Peirce1 b. c 1588, d. 19 Aug 1661
Mother*Elizabeth (–?–)1 d. 12 Mar 1666/67
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Children with John/2 Ball:

  • Sarah/3 Ball2 b. 8 Sep 1641, d. after 14 Aug 1691
  • John/3 Ball2 b. 1644, d. 8 May 1722
  • Mary/3 Ball2 b. circa 1651
  • Esther/3 Ball2 b. 1655
  • Abigail/3 Ball2 b. 20 Apr 1658
Elizabeth/2 Peirce was born in England. Of Watertown, Massachusetts, probably there she married, as his 1st wife, by 1644, John/2 Ball, with whom she had 5 children.3,2
     "About the year 1655-6, [John Ball's] wife became violently insane, which fact doubtless accounts for the apprenticing of his children as follows:— John Jr. and Mary or marie (aged 5 years) on Jan. 3, 1656, to John Pierce Sr; Sarah (aged 2 years) on Dec. 9, 1656, to Richard Gale; on Aug. 3, 1658, he apprenticed two other children (aged 3 years and 6 months respectively). … "Says Bond, "She (wife) was insane in 1660, and probably had been thus some time. She gave much annoyance to her family and neighbors. [See Reg. of Deeds, vol. iii., p. 81.]"2
     "Elizabeth Ball of Watertown excused her 'severall disorderly carriages against both her husband and her neighbors' in 1657 because 'her husband neglects her in suffering her to want necessary supplies and allsoe did kick her.' Though the court counseled kindliness, love, and helpfulness in view of 'her disturbed mind,' Elizabeth and John were back eighteen months later. This time she had also scratched and punched her father's face."4
     She died by 1665, when her husband married (2) Elizabeth/2 Fox.5,2 Her mother's will, 5 Mar 1666/67, mentions granddaughters Mary and Esther Ball, children of daughter Elizabeth Ball.6

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Mary/3 Ball

F, #45534, (circa 1651 - )
Father*John/2 Ball1 b. c 1620, d. 10 Feb 1675/76
Mother*Elizabeth/2 Peirce1 b. s 1625, d. s 1664
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Mary/3 Ball was born circa 1651 at Watertown, Massachusetts.1 Her mother became insane, and the five children were apprenticed out, Mary and her brother John to their grandfather John/1 Peirce on 3 Jan 1656.1
     "On the cover of a letter used in evidence [in Middlesex County Court] in 1671 is written 'Letter of Mary Ball to Michael Bacon her master by whom she saith she is with child.' The contents, addressed from Rhode Island to Woburn, are a plea for money and a plaint about loneliness and neglect. There is both a veiled threat—'I will have to return to Massachusetts if I receive not timely relief'—and an appeal that 'those promises which were made by you … I hope will not be forgotten by you.' When Bacon was arrested on John Ball's complaint, he broke out of prison and fled. Thomas Danforth ordered a hue and cry. Bacon later gave bond to appear in court, but the outcome of the case is unknown. Bacon was tythingman of Billerica in 1677.2"
     Mary married, 1686, John Sawyer of Lancaster.1

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