Miriam Moore

F, #49643, (say 1655 - )
Father*Miles Moore2,1 b. s 1625
Mother*Isabel Joyner1 b. s 1627
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Child with Samuel/2 Spencer:

  • Hannah/3 Spencer3 b. say 1690
Miriam Moore married (1), 18 Mar 1668/69 at New London, Connecticut, John/2 Willey of New London, son of Isaac/1 Willey and Joanna (–?–),1 who died at Haddam 2 May 1688.1 6 Nov 1689, his widow presented his inventory at Hartford, amounting to £169-13-06, and was appointed to administer the estate, with Alexander Rollo and Thomas Hungerford Jr. to assist her and to oversee her and her children.1
     She married (2), as his 2nd wife, 1689, Samuel/2 Spencer of Millington parish, East Haddam, son of Ens. Gerard/1 Spencer and Hannah Hills, and widower of her sister-in-law Hannah/2 Willey.3 Miriam was living, 1706.3

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John/2 Willey

M, #49644, (circa 1648 - 2 May 1688)
Father*Isaac/1 Willey1 b. s 1610, d. 1685
Mother*Joanna (–?–)1 b. s 1615, d. b 1670
Custom index:Philip's War (1675-76)
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John/2 Willey was born circa 1648 at New London, Connecticut1, where he married, as her 1st husband, 18 Mar 1668/69, Miriam Moore, daughter of Miles Moore and Isabel Joyner.1 "He lived beyond the head of Nahantic, and when the bounds between New London and Lyme were determined, his farm was split by the line, leaving twenty acres, on which stood his house, in New London."2 He died at Haddam 2 May 1688.1 6 Nov 1689, his widow presented the inventory of his estate, amounting to £169-13-06, at Hartford, and was appointed administratrix.1 She married (2), 1689, Samuel/2 Spencer of Haddam, widower of John Willey's sister Hannah.3
     "He lived beyond the Head of Nahantick. The land in Lyme was confirmed to him by the town Sept. 23, 1682, being described as follows: 'At the head of Nehantuck River, twenty acres of upland be it more or less: bounded easterly with New London bounds, and every way else with the Commons, at the South East Corner at a white oak tree, at the North East Corner by a white oak tree being a little without the fence now standing, at the North West Corner by a Reed oake tree, at the South West Corner with a stake.' The same land, with some in N.L., was sold Feb. 17, 1692-93, by John and Isaac Willey, to Capt. Edward Palmer. They both subscribed by a mark, and were described as sons of John Willey, late of Haddam, deceased. Three purchases of land, made by Isaac and John Willey in 1692 and 1709 and later, from Amos and Samuel Tinker, in the N.W. part of Lyme, with a considerable tract adjoining in East Haddam, remained the home of the Willey family for nearly a century, until it had been divided by successive generations into very small parcels. The wives of Amos and Samuel Tinker were ch. of George Durant, of Middletown, Conn. in 1663, and of Lyme in 1686-7, and had inherited the land of him."1

Local Notes:

Property1696, Voluntown, CTHe and John Willey, (No. 7) both deceased before 1701, were of the Conn. volunteers in King Philip's War to whom were granted lands in Voluntown, Conn., in 1696, for their services. [Narragansett Hist. Reg., 1882, p. 146.]1

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