Thomas/1 Dakin

M, #5091, (circa May 1624 - 21 October 1708)
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Child with Sarah (–?–):

  • Sarah/2 Dakin4 b. 8 Oct 1659, d. 24 Feb 1748

Children with Susanna (–?–):

Thomas/1 Dakin, born in England circa May 16241, settled, according to Shattuck, at Concord, Massachusetts,before 1650.2 There, 2 Jan 1654, living in the North quarter, as a first division landowner, he was among those allowed to buy another 10 acres of land at 12d/acre, That some particular persons shall have some inlargement, whoe are short in lands…"3,1
     His 1st wife was Sarah (–?–), who signed a deed with him in 1656, and died at Concord 18 Oct 1659, 10 days following the birth of a daughter.2,4,5 There he married (2), 11 Jun 1660, Susanna (–?–), widow of Richard/2 Stratton.6 In 1666, he was taxed £1-12-10 on 4 lots comprising 87 acres in the South Quarter.7 He died at Concord 21 Oct 1708.8
     "There were several collateral families, and the name is yet [1832] preserved in the town."2
     20 Jan 1697/98, Thomas Dakin, "aged 73 and 8 muntes," made a will, "riton with my one hand," which was never probated as his wife had died and all the provisions of the will seem to have been carried out before his death. In exchange for life care for himself and his wife, he made his youngest son Joseph "full heare of all my estate paying thees legises to my children as is menshoned before provided hee maintane mee and my wife onerably and comfortable." To eldest son John he left £15, ten of this "in country pay," and 20 acres of upland at Nut Meadow Plain. To daughter Sarah Wood he left £10, to include a pot and pewter platter. To his wife, should she outlive him, he left his dwelling house from top to bottom, one cow, one swine, seven bushels of corn and three of rye, and his orchard, "this cow and swine to be keept by my son Joseph Dakin so long as shee liveth with all other nesisaris for the comfort of life." To sons John and Joseph, and "son-in-law" (stepson) Samuel Stratton he left, in equal shares, his interest in "my share of minerall at Dunstable," apparently a mining investment. And to son Simon, "beeing he went from mee and wood not stay with me I have gevn him what I have Intended [i.e., nothing in the will] and no more to be demanded out of my estate."
     Witnesses were John Heyward Junr, Jacob Farrar, and Sarah Heywood, who signed by mark.
     On 6 Jul 1703, Thomas Dakin conveyed by deed to Joseph Dakin, "In consideration of what hath been done allready & wch I do further do Expect in order to my Comfortable maintenance by my loveing and Duty full Son Joseph Dakin Dwelling in my house with me," all the property itemized in his will.9
     His wife Susanna died at Concord 26 Feb 1698, scarcely a month after he wrote his will.10

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Lt. William/1 Buss

M, #5092, (circa 1617 - 31 January 1698)
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Children with Anne (–?–):

  • Richard/2 Buss11 b. 6 Jul 1640
  • Anne (Hannah)/2 Buss+12 b. 18 Feb 1642
  • Nathaniel/2 Buss13 b. 15 Mar 1646/47, d. 17 Dec 1717
  • Joseph/2 Buss14 b. 4 May 1649, d. 16 Feb 1680/81
Lt. William/1 Buss settled at Concord, Massachusetts,before 16391, and was admitted a freeman of the Bay Colony 14 Mar 1638/39.2 "The selectmen petitioned to the County Court, in 1660, that sargeant Buss might keep an 'ordinary' or tavern in Concord, they having 'found much difficulty in procuring such an one as we could rest well satisfied in.3'" In that year he was was residing at Elijah Wood's in the South Quarter, and was taxed £5-18-2 on 19 lots in town, comprising 319 acres. Most Concord landowners that year were assessed no tax at all, including large landowners such as Robert Merriam, who had 595 acres. Perhaps these bartered for their taxes while Buss paid cash, or perhaps his land was highly improved or unusually valuable farmland.4 The following year he bought the mill on Mill Brook.1
     His 1st wife died at Concord 3 Aug 16745, and there he married (2), 24 Dec 1674, Dorcas (–?–) of Concord, widow of John/1 Jones.6 William Buss died at Concord 31 Jan 1698.7 His widow outlived him by 11 years and died there 22 Nov 1709.8 Shattuck adds that he rose to be lieutenant of the trainband, and that his brother lived in Tonbridge, Kent (Merriam country).1

Local Notes:

Appointed7 Jan 1654, Concord, MAOverseer, South Quarter9
Appointed1663, Concord, MACommittee to divide South Quarter10

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Dea. Luke/1 Potter

M, #5093, (18 October 1615 - 13 October 1697)
Father*Jeffrey/a Potter1 b. 2 Oct 1575
Mother*Agnes (Anne) Beard1 b. s 1577, d. btw 1644 - May 1648
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Children with Mary (–?–):

  • Eunice/2 Potter16 b. 2 Mar 1641 or 2 Apr 1641, d. 24 Nov 1708
  • Rebecca/2 Potter17 b. 2 Oct 1643, d. 11 Oct 1643

Children with Mary/2 Edmunds:

  • Luke/2 Potter18 b. 30 May 1646, d. 13 Aug 1661
  • Samuel/2 Potter19 b. 1 Apr 1648, d. 31 Mar 1676
  • Dorothy/2 Potter20 b. 9 Apr 1650
  • Elizabeth/2 Potter21 b. circa 1652, d. 14 Feb 1694/95
  • Mary/2 Potter+3 b. circa 1656, d. 17 Nov 1713
  • Judah/2 Potter+22 b. circa 1657, d. 20 Jun 1731
  • Bethia/2 Potter23 b. 4 Nov 1659
  • Dorothy/2 Potter+20 b. circa 1662, d. 15 Mar 1752, memorial #24095303. Photo by Bill Boyington.
Dea. Luke/1 Potter was baptised 18 Oct 1615 in St. Peter and St. Paul Church at Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire.2 "[O]ne of the first settlers of Concord [Massachusetts], and deacon of the church3," he married (1) Mary (–?–), with whom he had 2 children at Concord, and who died there 8 Feb 1643/4.4,5 He was admitted a freeman of Concord 13 Mar that same year.6 The will of Anne Potter of Newport Pagnell, county of Buckingham, widow, dated 20 Dec 1643, proved 2 May 1648, left son Luke Potter £5, to be paid within three years.1
     Luke married (2), 19 Oct 1644 at Concord, Mary/2 Edmunds of Concord, daughter of Walter/1 Edmunds and Dorothy (–?–).7 Luke Potter of Concord, tailor, took orphan Danyell Gaines, aged about 11, as his apprentice in March, 1649.8 His house lot consisted of 6½ acres on both sides of Haywood Street, then known as Potter Lane.8 Of Concord's South Quarter, 2 Jan 1654.9 One of three men who returned, 16 Jun 1667, the inventory of Capt. Thomas/1a Brooks, whose grandchildren Noah and Grace married Luke's children Dorothy and Judah.10,11
     Luke Potter made his will 11 Jun 1695, "about 80 years of age being weak of body." He mentioned or bequeathed to beloved wife Mary, beloved and only surviving son Judah Potter (who was made sole executor), daughters Unis Fry, [Mary] Barrett, and Dorothy Brooks, and to the "5" sons (only four are named and known to this writer) of his deceased daughter Elizabeth Jones. A codicil dated 15 Sep 1697 provided that if an 8-acre parcel of land is not sold by his widow for her own maintenance, then it is to go to son Judah, he to pay each of his Jones nephews £3. 4s. Witnesses to both documents were Thomas Bateman, Edward Wheeler, and Thomas Browne. The will was proved 1 Nov 1697 at Charlestown.8
     Luke Potter died at Concord 13 Oct 1697.12 His inventory, by Thomas Bateman, John Jones and Thomas Browne Senr, dated 27 Oct 1697, amounted to £ His widow Mary died at Concord 15 Feb 1710/11.13 They are presumably interred in the Hill Burying Ground, where only a much later rough stone for Luke survives.14

Local Notes:

Property1666, Concord, MATaxed £2-10-0 on 22 lots totalling 249 acres in the South Quarter or district15

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John/1 Heywood

M, #5094, (say 1630 - 17 January 1700/1)
Last Edited:20 Aug 2017

Children with Rebecca/2 Atkinson:

  • Rebecca/2 Heywood8 b. 9 Sep 1657, d. 27 Sep 1657
  • Rebecca/2 Heywood9 b. 13 May 1660
  • Dea. John/2 Heywood+10 b. 5 Apr 1662, d. 2 Jan 1718
  • Persis/2 Heywood11 b. 24 Apr 1664
  • Benoni/2 Heywood12 b. 31 Jul 1665, d. 12 Aug 1665

Children with Sarah/2 Simonds:

  • Sarah/2 Heywood13 b. 30 Aug 1666
  • Judith/2 Heywood14 b. 13 Jan 1667/68
  • Mary/2 Heywood15 b. 3 Nov 1669
  • Abigail/2 Heywood16 b. 9 Apr 1672
  • William/2 Heywood17 b. 17 Apr 1674
  • Huldah/2 Heywood18 b. 17 Sep 1676
  • James/2 Heywood19 b. 27 Jan 1678/79
  • Joseph/2 Heywood20 b. 3 Jan 1680/81
  • Benjamin/2 Heywood21 b. 4 Mar 1682/83, d. 4 Jan 1763
John/1 Heywood, probably born in England, appears in the town records of Concord, Massachusetts before 1650.1 There he married (1), 17 Aug 1656, Rebecca/2 Atkinson of Concord, daughter of Thomas/1? Atkinson and Susan (–?–),2, who died at Concord 5 Aug 1665, days after giving birth to their 5th child.3 There he married (2), 30 Nov 1665, Sarah/2 Simonds of Woburn, daughter of William/1 Simonds and Judith Phippen, with whom he had 9 children.4
     On the Concord tax list of 1666, John Heywood was taxed £1-15-0 on 13 lots, comprising 285 acres, in the South Quarter.5 His 2nd wife died at Concord 19 Sep 1692, a. 48.6 There he died 17 Jan 1700/1.7

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