Henry/1 Woodis

M, #5133, (say 1625 - 16 June 1700)
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Children with Eleanor (–?–):

  • John/2 Woodis2 b. 17 Nov 1651, d. 2 Feb 1666
  • Mary/2 Woodis15 b. 7 Sep 1653, d. before 15 Nov 1697
  • Hannah/2 Woodis16 b. 11 Mar 1656
  • Millicent/2 Woodis17 b. 4 Apr 1660, d. 26 Mar 1692
  • Sarah/2 Woodis18 b. circa 28 Feb 1661/62, d. 5 May 1700
  • Elizabeth/2 Woodis+1 b. circa 1665, d. 12 Nov 1711
Henry/1 Woodis, born in England, married (1) Eleanor (–?–), with whom he had all his children.1,2 Said to be of London, he emigrated to New England.1 He was of Concord, Massachusetts 22 Aug 1653, when he was one of a number of Concord signatories to an agreement to contribute an aggregate of £5 yearly to "the colledge at Cambridge," later Harvard College, for a term of seven years.3 9 Nov 1653, he was named as a debtor in the inventory of Thomas Flint of Concord.4 Admitted a freeman, 14 May 1656.5 Taxed £5-1-6 on one lot of 360 acres in Concord's South District, 16666, he helped in the purchase, 20 Jan 1668, of 1000 acres from the Indians for the town, "[which] several grants" were later separated into the town of Acton.7 He signed the inventory of James/2 Hosmer Jr. of Concord, killed by Indians in the Sudbury fight 31 Apr 1676.8
     "His farm, estimated at 350 acres, lay between the two rivers, and descended to his son-in-law, Joseph Lee, whose posterity successively held it for more than 100 years … Joseph Barrett, Esq. now [1835] occupies [it]." A 1684 deposition says, "at the foot of an hill, named Nahshawtuck [Lee's], now in the possession of Mr. Henry Woodis …."9
     His wife died at Concord 4 Sep 1693, and he married (2) Sarah (--?--).10,11 He died at Concord 16 Jun 170012, and his widow 19 Jan 1717/18.13

Local Notes:

Electedbetween 1685 and 1691Deputy to the General Assembly, 1685, 1690 and 1691.14

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Henry/1 Adams

M, #5134, (21 January 1583 - )
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Children with Edith/1 Squire:

  • John/2 Adams+13 b. circa 1620
  • Mary/2 Adams14 b. say 1626
  • Joseph/2 Adams1 b. 9 Feb 1626, d. 6 Dec 1694
Henry/1 Adams was born 21 Jan 1583 at Barton St. David, Somerset.1,2 He was a young farmer "who had some land, by the old English system of copyhold, from the Lord of the Manor of Barton St. David."3 He married, 19 Oct 1609 at Charlton Mackrell, Somerset, Edith/1 Squire, daughter of Henry/a Squire.1,4 They emigrated with 9 children to New England in 1636. Henry was granted land at Mt. Wollaston, now Braintree, Massachusetts, where they settled and established a farm.5,6 Braintree's first town clerk, he was buried there 8 Oct 1646.7
     "…[T]he inventory of his estate reveals that he had a house and barn, a cow and a calf, some pigs, furniture and utensils, and three beds—one in the parlor and two in the chamber. More noteworthy, and probably relics of the old days in England, were a silver spoon and some old books. The estate was worth about £75, equally divided between real and personal property…."8,5 His widow married (2) John Fussell, and died at Medfield 21 Jan 1672/73.9
     According to Shattuck, three of his sons—Samuel, Thomas, and John—came to Concord in 1646, but all subsequently removed elsewhere.10
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John/2 Adams

M, #5137, (circa 1620 - )
Father*Henry/1 Adams1 b. 21 Jan 1583
Mother*Edith/1 Squire1 b. 29 May 1587, d. 21 Jan 1672/73
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Children with an unknown spouse/person:

John/2 Adams, born in Somersetshire circa 16201, emigrated with his family to New England in 1636, settling at Mt. Wollaston, now Braintree, Massachusetts.2,3 With two brothers he went to Concord, Massachusetts, circa 1646.4 There he was living near the Meriams, Timothy Wheeler and Thomas Brooke in Concord's East District in January, 16545, and with Capt. Timothy/1 Wheeler in March, 1654.5 His brothers Samuel and Thomas removed to Chelmsford that year, and John left Concord as well, for either Cambridge or Charlestown.4

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