Dea. John/1 Upham

M, #53497, (between 1597 and 1600 - 25 February 1681)
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Children with Elizabeth ?Webb:

  • John/2 Upham9 b. circa 1628
  • Rev. Nathaniel/2 Upham9 b. circa 1630
  • Elizabeth/2 Upham9 b. circa 1632
  • Lt. Phineas/2 Upham10 b. circa 1635, d. circa Oct 1676
  • Mary/2 Upham+10 b. circa 1637, d. 27 Jun 1677
  • Priscilla/2 Upham10 b. circa 1643, d. 8 Dec 1717
Dea. John/1 Upham was born in England between 1597 and 1600, probably in Somerset, where his first wife's family originated.1 He married (1), by 1628, Elizabeth probably Webb, as his brother-in-law, perhaps of Badcome, Somerset, appears to have been named.2,3 John Upham (a. 35, husbandman), Mrs. Elizabeth Upham (a. 32), three children, kinswoman Sarah Upham (a. 26), and William Grave (a. 12, ?servant) sailed 20 Mar 1635 from Weymouth, England, as part of a group of about 20 families gathered in Somersetshire by Rev. Joseph Hull. The ship arrived in Boston 5 May, and almost all the passengers went to Wessaguscut, which was renamed Weymouth by the General Court in July.3,4
     "After reaching America, he was prominent in the settlement of Weymouth, Mass., where the original colony located, and later in the settlement at Malden. At both these places he was a deacon in the church; and he was for several terms a member of the general court of the colony."5,6
     After the death of his 1st wife, he married (2), Aug 1671 at Malden, Massachusetts, Catherine (–?–), widow of Angel Hollard [Upham: "Holland"], another of the same 1635 party of emigrants.6,7 He died 25 Feb 1681, "84 y." (g.s.), probably at Malden, where he is buried.6,8

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