Giles/1 Roberts

M, #53545, (say 1625 - )
Last Edited:20 Aug 2017

Children with (–?–) Sheldon:

  • Abraham/2 Roberts1 b. say 1658
  • David/2 Roberts+1 b. say 1659, d. 4 Sep 1724
  • Giles/2 Roberts1 b. say 1662, d. 1689
Giles/1 Roberts, of Black Point, Maine by 1658, married (–?–) Sheldon, daughter of Godfrey Sheldon.1 Had a grant of 50 acres, 1662.1 His will, dated 25 Jan 1666 and proved 20 Jun 1667, left his property for the upbringing of his five children, three being with him and two with brother Arthur Alger, who was named executor; Mr. Henry Jocelyn and brother William Sheldon, overseers. Arthur and Andrew Alger agreed to care for all five.1

Source Citations/Notes:

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