According to a deed dated 1660 he was a leather dresser, and in 1671/2 he and many other individuals were brought before the court in New London for attempting to drive Matthew Griswold and Lt. William Waller off their land by violence, for assault and for resisting arrest.2

Ens. John/1 Beebe

M, #58585, (4 November 1628 - 14 April 1714)
Father*John/a Beebe1 b. c 1600, d. 18 May 1650
Mother*Rebecca Ladd1 b. 1605, d. 1650
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Child with Abigail Yorke:

  • Benjamin/2 Beebe2 b. circa 1664, d. 9 Feb 1751/52
Ens. John/1 Beebe was baptised 4 Nov 1628 at Broughton, Northamptonshire.3 In 1649, he and his brother Samuel (and perhaps brother Thomas as well) sailed to New England, settling at Cape Ann (now Gloucester), Massachusetts.3 They soon removed to New London, Connecticut as indentured servants to John Winthrop Jr., with the "Cape Ann Company" led by Rev. Blinman.4 John married, circa 1659 at Stonington, Connecticut, Abigail Yorke, daughter of James Yorke and Joanna (–?–).5
     John Beebe was sergeant of the New London trainband for 20 years and in 1675 was appointed ensign in Capt. George Denison's N.L. company of 68 men. During Philip's War he went on expeditions against the Indians to Rhode Island and to Taunton and Westfield, Massachusetts.2
     His will was dated 21 Jan 1708.6 He died at New London 14 Apr 1714, a. 857, and his widow 9 Mar 1725.8

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