Col. Melatiah/3 Bourne1

M, #58699, (12 June 1673 - 24 November 1742)
Father*Shearjashub/2 Bourne2 b. 21 Apr 1643, d. 7 Mar 1718
Mother*Bathshua Skiff b. 26 Apr 1648, d. 13 May 1714
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Child with Desire Chipman:, memorial #16585667. Photo by Jean Rimer.
Col. Melatiah/3 Bourne, born 12 Jun 1673 at Sandwich, Massachusetts3, married, 23 Feb 1692, Desire Chipman, daughter of Elder John/1 Chipman and Hope/2 Howland.4 Both died at Sandwich, she 28 Mar 1705, a. 325, and he 24 Nov 1742, a. 69.3 He is buried in Old Town Cemetery, Sandwich.3

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William/a Cunliffe

M, #58700, (circa 1550 - )
Father*William/b Cundelyve1 b. s 1520, d. b 13 May 1577
Mother*Margaret (–?–)1 b. s 1524
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Children with Catherine Bowker:

Children with Mary (–?–):

Children with Elizabeth (–?–):

Children with Ellen (–?–):

The will of William Cunliffe. Courtesy John Brooks Threlfall.
William/a Cunliffe was born about 1550, probably in Manchester, England or nearby. "Probably he was the son of William and Margaret Cuncliffe of whom 'Margaret widow to Willm Cuntlif' was buried on 13 May 1577 at Manchester Cathedral."1
     "The name Cunliffe has been variously spelt. There are documents as far back as the time of Henry 8, and one of Edward I showing the name as Conlive, Cunelyfe, Condliff, Condlyfe, Cundliffe, Cunlyfe, Conlyfe, and Cunliffe. Now [1873] it is usually spelt as Cunliffe."2
     He married (1), 23 May 1574 at Manchester Cathedral, Catherine Bowker, with whom he had 4 children.1 She was buried in the Cathedral churchyard 21 Sep 1581 with their infant son John.1 He married (2), "within a year or so," Mary (–?–), with whom he had 4 children.1 She died and was buried 7 Feb 1590/91. Their infant son Christopher, baptised the following day, soon died as well and was buried with his mother on the 18th.1 William married (3), "within a year or so," Elizabeth (–?–), with whom he had 8 children.1 "Elizabeth the wife of William Cundlyve" was buried 13 Jun 1605.1 He married (4), say 1606, Ellen (–?–), with whom he had 3 final children.1
     The will of William Cundlyff of Manchester, county of Lancaster, joyner, dated 1 Feb 1610/11, left his pregnant wife Ellen one third of his household stuff and named her executrix. He forgave his eldest son Richard room and board of 5 marks 40s. He made gifts to children Elizabeth (40s.), Randle (10s.), and Cycely ("my great communion book"). To daughters Cycely, Alyce, Ellen, and the unborn "child in my wife's womb," he left equal shares in his estate, and to his sister Jane 10s. Loving friends and neighbors Edward Pycrofte and Edmund Dyckonson, supervisors. Witnesses: Adam Hollound, Martyn Cundlyffe and Charles Leighe.1
     His widow Ellen married (2), 19 Oct 1612 at Manchester Cathedral, George Ward, a widower with whom she had at least one other child.1 Ellin, wife of George Warde of Stretford, was buried 1 Aug 1627 in the Cathedral churchyard.1

     • 1873 English pedigree of the ancient name of Cunliffe (144k).

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