Louisa/7s Ferry

F, #63871, (1807 - )
Father*Solomon/6s Ferry1 b. 20 Apr 1780, d. 15 May 1835
Mother*Margaret Rumrill1 b. 11 Apr 1781
Appears on charts:Descendants of Rhoda/4s Steele
Descendants of Rhoda/4s Steele
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Louisa/7s Ferry, born in 18071, married, 29 Oct 1834 at Springfield, Massachusetts, Levi L. Deming.2 He died 27 Apr 1879.2

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Ens. Henry/3 Chandler

M, #63874, (28 May 1667 - 27 August 1737)
Father*Capt. Thomas/2 Chandler1 b. s 1630, d. 15 Jan 1702/3
Mother*Hannah (–?–)1 b. c 1630, d. 25 Oct 1717
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Children with Lydia Abbott:

Findagrave.com, memorial #26208121. Photo by Perry W. Caldwell.
Photo by Perry W. Caldwell 26208121
Ens. Henry/3 Chandler, born 28 May 1667 at Andover, Massachusetts1, was a widower when he married there, 28 Nov 1695, Lydia Abbott.2
     The town of Andover granted,1695, to his brother Joseph and himself, "the privilege to set up a Saw mill on Cochickewick River two or three rods above the lower ford way." His father gave him by will, "one half of my homestead."3
     By that time, however, Henry Chandler was no longer in residence at Andover. In January of that year he had purchased, for £700, 1,700 acres of land in the northwest section of Enfield, Connecticut3, to which his family removed in the spring of that year.3
     "His house stood within 20 feet of where the house of the Presbyterian minister of Thompsonville stood in 1870. Mr. Garside resided on the spot where his house stood in 1866. They had thirteen children, all of whom were married but the two Mehitables. Their grandchildren numbered 99."3
     Henry died at Enfield 27 Aug 1737, a. 704, and his widow 11 Mar 1739, "ae. 73."5,3 They are buried in Enfield Street Cemetery, though her gravestone is now [2013] lost.6

Local Notes:

Elected6 Mar 1710, Andover, MAOn the 6 March, 1710, he was chosen "tythingman" at Andover, Mass; and, in 1720, "Ensign Henry Chandler was chosen Surveyor."3
Elected1723, Andover, MAOn the 6 March, 1710, he was chosen "tythingman" at Andover, Mass; and, in 1720, "Ensign Henry Chandler was chosen Surveyor." In 1723-4, it was voted at town meeting in Andover, and passed, that there shall be one pound "Set up for ye Whole Town," and "that Shall be set up before Ensign Henry Chandler's House, in the most convenient place on that open ground."3

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Daniel/6s Ferry

M, #63880, (29 May 1782 - )
Father*Solomon/4 Ferry1 b. 26 Sep 1751, d. 8 Feb 1835
Mother*Rhoda/5s Sanderson1 b. 14 Jun 1757, d. 19 Oct 1830
Appears on charts:Descendants of Abigail/3s Brooks
Descendants of Rhoda/4s Steele
Descendants of Rhoda/4s Steele
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Daniel/6s Ferry was born 29 May 1782 at Springfield, Massachusetts.1

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