Esther ?Bowen

F, #73652, (1651 - 27 February 1726)
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Children with Robert/1 Ayars:

  • Caleb/2 Ayars6 b. circa 1692, d. 14 Jan 1760
  • Joshua/2 Ayars+6 b. circa 1695, d. 3 May 1759
Esther ?Bowen1 married, as his 2nd wife, circa 1686, probably at Newport, Rhode Island, Robert/1 Ayars2, who died 14/24 Jan 1719 in Cohansey, New Jersey.3 She died there 27 Feb 1726, and is buried with him in Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery, Shiloh.4
     See the extended commentary about her identity posted to her FAG memorial, which is copied from the Ayars Family Historical Organization.5

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Robert/1 Ayars

M, #73653, (before March 1640 - 14 January 1719 or 24 January 1719)
Appears on charts:Descendants of Robert/1 Ayars
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Child with Katharine Taylor:

Children with Esther ?Bowen:

  • Caleb/2 Ayars14 b. circa 1692, d. 14 Jan 1760
  • Joshua/2 Ayars+14 b. circa 1695, d. 3 May 1759
Robert/1 Ayars, probably born shortly before Mar 1640 at Gotherington, Gloucestershire1, "is said to have emigrated to New England in 1664, settling in that part of Westerly, Rhode Island, now known as Hopkinton."2 He married (1), by 1673, Katharine Taylor34, with whom he had 6 children5, and who died 22 Feb 1684/85 at Newport, Rhode Island5, where she is buried. He married (2), circa 1686, probably at Newport, Esther ?Bowen.64, and while there developed extensive Seventh Day Baptist convictions and connections.7
     He removed to Shrewsbury (Upper Back) Neck, Cumberland County, West Jersey, probably after 29 Nov 1687, when he concluded a mortgage in Newport, which his wife Esther signed as a witness. (Both were literate.) In Jersey he "located on the south side of the Cohansey River on eight hundred acres … opposite the present [1918] town of Cohansey, New Jersey." He seems to have been a man of some means, as he had two tracts there, one of 200 acres from the daughters of John Gilman, and one of 600 acres from Restore Lippincott.8,7
     "Robert Ayars purchased 2200 acres from an extensive tract of land covering part of the present site of Shiloh which on being surveyed was conveyed to 'Robert Ayars, late of Rhode Island, Gentleman,' November 21, 1705 … it is stated he removed thither and sold his land to those of his own [Seventh Day Baptist] faith …."9
     His will, dated 25 Feb 1716, left eldest son Isaac 100 acres of land around to ye house where he now liveth. To sons Judah, Caleb and Rob, daughter Ester (wife of John Garmen), and grandson Caleb, sone to Isaac Ayars, all of ye remaining pt of ye above said tract of land, being two thousand one hundred acres to be evenly divided in quality and quantity … To sons John, Stephen and Joshua Ayars, ye plantation I now live att, being about eight hundred acres of land & marsh to be generally divided between them … in quality and quantity. To beloved wife Ester, all my movable estate while living, and what she shall leave at her decease to be equally divided between my children above named. Wife Ester and beloved friend Henry Buck were named executors.10
     Robert Ayars died at Cohansey 14/24 Jan 17198, and his widow 27 Feb 1726. They are buried in Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery, Shiloh.11

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