Henry Summers

M, #83445, (say 1606 - before June 1690)
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Last Edited:22 Aug 2017
Henry Summers married, as her 2nd husband, 21 Nov 1660 at Woburn, Massachusetts, Mabel (–?–), widow of William/1 Reed.1 He was chosen, 23 Feb 1663/64, a surveyor for Woburn; was taxed there, 26 Aug 1666; and had right in the common lands of the town, 1668.2
     In June, 1675, John Johnson, John Wilson, Senior, and his wife, Henry Somers and his wife, John Wilson, Junior, Caleb Farly and Hopestill Foster [all Baptists] are fined for absenting themselves from Public Worship on the Lord's days.3
     Henry's wife Mabel survived him, and died at the house of her son George, Jun 1690, aged 85 years.1

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