Thomas/2 Taylor

M, #856, (9 August 1660 - April 1691)
Father*Jonathan/1? Taylor1 b. s 1625, d. 12 Oct 1683
Mother*Mary/2 Wright1 b. s 1628, d. 9 Sep 1683
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Descendants of William/1s Brooks
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Child with Patience/2s Brooks:

Child with Mary/2 Petty:

  • Hannah/3 Taylor9,10 b. 18 Aug 1690
Thomas/2 Taylor was born 9 Aug 1660 at Springfield, Massachusetts.2,1 He is presumed to have married (1), after 8 Aug 1680 at Deerfield, Patience/2s Brooks of Springfield, daughter of William/1s Brooks and Mary/2 Burt.3,4 He did marry (2), 29 Dec 1687 at Springfield, Mary/2 Petty of S., daughter of John/1? Petty and Anna (–?–),5,6 and died in Apr 1691, a. 30. His widow married Thomas Rich of Brookfield.7
8 Aug 1680 … William Brooke of Springfield was bound by [magistrate John] Pynchon in the sum of twenty pounds that his daughter Patience, being with child out of wedlock, appear at the September 1680 County Court and answer 'to her Crime and guilt of that vile sin of fornication.' The court, being 'desirous to shew their detestation of such forbidden and dangerous carnal Lusts and if possible to prevent such like God provoking wayes,' adjudged the offender to be whipped with fifteen lashes or else to pay a fine of four pounds to the county treasurer. Thomas Taylor, with two sureties, also gave bond to Pynchon in the sum of twenty pounds to appear at the same court and answer what Patience Brooke had to lay to his charge, as well as for his good behavior in the meantime.8

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Mabel (–?–)

F, #860, (circa 1605 - June 1690)
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Children with William/1 Reed:

  • George/2 Reed1 b. circa 1629, d. 21 Feb 1705/6
  • Ralph/2 Reed1 b. circa 1630, d. 4 Jan 1711/12
  • Justus/2 Reed1 b. circa Jan 1634
  • Abigail/2 Reed4 b. Feb 1634, d. 30 Nov 1699
  • Israel/2 Reed5 b. say 1640, d. 29 Jun 1711
  • Rebecca/2 Reed4 b. say 1642, d. 1734
  • Sarah/2 Reed6 b. 1644, d. 1 Nov 1681
  • Bethiah/2 Reed4 b. say 1645, d. circa 1717
Mabel (–?–), born in England circa 16051, there married William/1 Reed.1 In 1635, William Reade, 48, Mrs. Mabel Reade, 30, George Reade, 6, Ralph Reade, 5, and Justus Reade, 1½, sailed from London to New England on the Defence, Edward Bostock, master, sojourning briefly at Boston upon their arrival, then settling at Woburn upon land bought of Nicholas Davis.1,2
     "Their dwelling-house stood in a pasture, called the Baldwin Pasture, on the road from Kendall's mill to the Messrs. Duren. The pasture is now [1868] owned by them; and remains of Mr. Reed's cellar and well are still to be seen there.2
     "But, ere many years, William Reed and his wife Mabel returned to England.2 He died at Newcastle, upon Tyne, aet. 69; and not having appointed executors in his will, letters of administration were granted by Oliver Cromwell, the Protector, 31 Oct. 1656, to his widow, Mabel, who speedily returned with her four youngest children to New England; married Henry Summers, sen., of Woburn, 21 Nov. 1660; and, outliving him, died at the house of her son George, 5 [15?] June, 1690, aged 85 years."2
     In June, 1675, John Johnson, John Wilson, Senior, and his wife, Henry Somers and his wife, John Wilson, Junior, Caleb Farly and Hopestill Foster [all Baptists] are fined for absenting themselves from Public Worship on the Lord's days.3

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