Dighton, Massachusetts

Dighton was set off from Taunton, 1712. || Dighton, Mass. Bristol co. A port of entry, on the west side of Taunton river, opposite to Berkley. Population, 1837, 1,453. 40 miles S. from Boston, 8 S. from Taunton, and 20 N.W. by W. from New Bedford. There are in this place three cotton factories, a woolen mill, a furnace, and other iron works. Tonnage of the district, 9,032 tons. The noted "Dighton Rock," so called, on which are inscriptions difficult to decypher, in fact lies on the Berkley side of the river. The value of cotton and woolen goods, boots and shoes, pig iron and wooden ware manufactured, and vessels built in Dighton, in one year, was $30,000. John Hayward, The New England Gazetteer, 1839.