Abington, Massachusetts

Parent town: Bridgewater. || Plymouth Co. This town is on the high land between Massachusetts and Narragansett bays. Three rivers rise here, two of which empty into the Taunton, the other into the North. It lies 19 miles S.S.E. from Boston, 22 N.W. from Plymouth, 18 N.N.E. from Taunton, and 8 S. of Weymouth landing. This town is noted for its manufactures of boots, shoes, and tacks. The total value of its manufactures, in one year, was $847,294, of which the amount of $82,000 was for tacks, and $746,794 for boots and shoes. There were 847 males and 470 females employed in the manufacture of the latter. Population, 1837, 3,057. This town was incorporated in 1712. Its Indian name was Manamooskeagin. Hayward's New England Gazetteer, 1839.