South Boston, Massachusetts

This part of Boston was set off from Dorchester, by legislative enactment, March the 6th, 1804. It is bounded south by Dorchester Bay, and spreads about two miles on the south side of the harbor, above the forts. It contains about 600 acres, and is laid out into regular streets and squares. The surface of this part of Boston is exceedingly picturesque. In about the centre of this tract, and about two miles from the City Hall, the memorable "Dorchester Heights" rear their heads 130 feet above the sea, from which is presented a splendid view of Boston, its harbor, and the surrounding country. It is connected with Old Boston by two bridges. This part of Boston is rapidly increasing in population and wealth. The Washington House, near the Heights, is a noble building, and a delightful residence. John Hayward, The New England Gazetteer, 1839.