Cohansey, New Jersey

Cohansey Township was a township that existed in Cumberland County, New Jersey, United States, during two separate periods, from 1697-1748 and from 1848-1865. The name was derived from the Cohansey River, which flows through the area. The first Cohansey Township was mentioned dating back to May 12, 1697, while the area was still part of Salem County. This first incarnation was dissolved upon the formation of Cumberland County on January 19, 1748. The second Cohansey Township was incorporated by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 6, 1848, from portions of Hopewell Township. Bridgeton city was incorporated on March 1, 1865, replacing both Bridgeton Township and Cohansey Township, both of which were then dissolved.

"Cohansie is the name of a river that designates its vicinity. When, in 1683, the first Baptists came from Clouketin, Tipperary county, Ireland, they settled on the South side of the river and built a meeting house on the farm of David Thomas (a Welsh name). The names of these Baptists were: David Sheppard, Thomas Sheppard and John Sheppard (brothers); Morgan Edwards also mentions Thomas Abbot and William Button. About 1700, they moved to the North side of the river and built a house of worship, about 2 miles south of Rhoadstown." History of Baptists in New Jersey