East Hampton, New York

"By the Records, it appears that East Hampton was at first called Maidstone. This name does not appear after the year 1664, when they came under the Duke of York, and soon after received a Patent from Col. Richard Nicolls. By this Patent the Town is called East Hampton, though the records of the Town prior to the year 1664, mention that as the name of the place. It was probably called East, on account of its situation to the East of Southampton.
"Some of the First Settlers appear, by the Records to have come from Stansted in the county of Kent in England. Probably some of them might have come from Maidstone in the same County. It is very evident from the Records, that some of the original 35 settlers and purchasers of the Town removed from Lynn in Massachusetts; and tradition informs us that they came from several of the towns on the Sea coast to the Eastward of Boston."

A history of Long Island : from its earliest settlement to the present time. (New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1902), 1049.