Vernon, Vermont

A township, including a part of Vernon named Squakheag, Province of Massachusetts Bay, was granted in the year 1672. A deed was given (see Barber's Historical Collections, p. 265.) by four Indians of the place to William Clark and John King, agents for the proprietors of Northfield, Aug. 13, 1687.

FALL TOWN was granted June, 1736, by the Provincial Legislature of Massachusetts, on petition of Samuel Hunt (son of Samuel Hunt who was in the Falls fight) and others of Billerica, Mass., for services rendered at the battle and sixty years after the battle of Turner's Falls. On surveying the north line of Massachusetts in 1763, it was found, about half a mile in width belonged to New Hampshire, now Vernon, taking about 3 miles from the owners of Fall Town Township.

VERNON INCLUDED IN HINSDALE. Hinsdale, Cheshire Co. was chartered Sept. 3, 1753, by Benning Wentworth, Provincial Governor, which included a part of Vernon. The charter was altered, or another issued, Sept. 26, 1753. The inhabitants manifested their disapprobation and the King, on the 19th of March, 1768, re-established the County of Cumberland by letters patent, under the great seal of the Province of New York, again changing its limits. By act of Legislature of New York, passed Mar 24, 1772, the boundaries were again changed.

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