Bethel, Vermont

Bethel, Vt. Windsor co. This town was first settled in 1780, and was the first town chartered by the government of Vermont. It lies 31 miles S. by W. from Montpelier, and 30 N.W. from Windsor. Population, 1830, 1,240. Bethel is watered by branches of White river, and possesses good mill sites. Soap stone is found here in great quantities and of good quality: much of it is sawed and transported. Garnet in small, but perfect crystals, is also common. The syrface of Bethel is broken and mountainous, but the soil is warm and good for grazing. It has about 8,000 sheep. Considerable business is done at both villages, East and West; the latter is the largest. John Hayward, The New England Gazetteer, 1839.