Windsor, Connecticut

Windsor - settled 1633. Called Dorchester for a while. Named Windsor in 1637. || "On September 26, 1633, a company of men under Lieutenant William Holmes arrived by ship from the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts, on invitation of the local Indians, and established a trading post near the junction of the Farmington and Connecticut Rivers. In 1635 these first settlers were joined by a larger group which came overland from Dorchester in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Windsor, with Hartford and Wethersfield, formed the Colony of Connecticut in 1636." [State of CT historical plaque, Windsor]

To the Founders of Windsor and the First Congregational Church in Connecticut, which came to America in the Mary and John with its Pastor John Warham, May 30, 1630, Settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts and Migrated to Windsor in May and October 1635. Inscription on Founders Monument, Windsor, Connecticut