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"Thomas Brooks of Watertown and Concord," by John Brooks Threlfall

"Timothy Brooks of Massachusetts and His Descendants," by Robert Peacock Brooks (1927 — West Jersey branch of Woburn line)

"The Brooks Family of Woburn, Mass.," by  William R. Cutter and Arthur G. Loring (1904)

"My Great-Grandfather's House in Exeter, New Hampshire," by James Emery Brooks (1932)

"Brooks Family of Oswego, New York and Winnebago County, Wisconsin
," web pages of Wayne Hollister 
"Brooks in Connecticut and New York," web pages of Carol Pullen-Reynolds  (returning 2018?)

"The Four Spencer Brothers — Their Ancestors and Descendants," by Donald Lines Jacobus

"Dunham - Wilcox - Trott - Kirk" web pages (Connecticut and Massachusetts data) of Jane Devlin

"Ray's Place," New England History and Genealogy web pages of Ray Brown

"" by Caleb Johnson

"Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England," by James Savage (1860)

Colonial Connecticut Records, 1636-1776 (University of Connecticut)

***  Early Vital Records of Massachusetts From 1600 to 1850

Rediscovering the Old Connecticut Path, web pages of Jason Newton

Boston 1775, weblog by J.L. Bell

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Willow Cemetery, Franconia, NH — 2002 Cemetery Survey
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