Timothy/2w Brooks left Massachusetts for West Jersey about 1690 to follow his Baptist tenets free of persecution. At Woburn, Billerica and Swansea, Massachusetts, from the 1660s through the 1680s, he had been one of a small and stubborn group of Baptist sectaries who were repeatedly harassed by Puritan authorities through court presentments, fines and even disenfranchisement.

This index includes known Baptists and their supporters from the communities mentioned above, from Rehoboth (home of the first allowed Baptist congregation in the Bay Colony), and from the area of West Jersey to which Timothy Brooks moved. Also included are some orthodox Congregationalists who are named in Bay Colony records as among the Baptists' persecutors, including quite possibly, Timothy's father Henry/1w Brooks, the emigrant progenitor. Note the close family and intermarriage links which bound the Baptists together.

For background, see Samuel Sewall, The History of Woburn, 152-162.